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The principles and possibilities of economic realization and the techniques used:
The materials used in this case are all magnetic tiles for the floor and bathroom, latex paint for the top of the wall of the living room, all fixed furniture are customized for the whole house, and other movable furniture is purchased from outside. The equipment used is central air conditioning, floor heating and fresh air.


Ergonomie, space management, the possibility of living space, the element of circulating comfort.
The original space is divided into many small grid space, the kitchen, dining room, living room, study, coffee, laundry, parent-child are divided into many small rooms, is closed, it is not easy to form harmonious communication between the family, create alienation. The designer opened up all these Spaces and the whole moving line became smooth. When the host gets home, he can store clothes and shoes and rain gear, and then wash his hands in the kitchen and make a cup of coffee for his family. People who cook can communicate with other people in the living room. Their eyes and voices are flowing in the space, so that cooking will not be a tedious and annoying thing.
After eating, families can bathe together in the sun on the balcony. The balcony is no longer just a place for washing, but also a beautiful place for gathering and chatting. Do yoga, drink a cup of tea, or meditate in the sun.
The study used to be a narrow and narrow space. The designer pushed forward the wall between the study and the living room by 60cm, making the living room slightly smaller and the study larger, just enough to accommodate a writing desk. Between the study and the living room and the balcony, the glass door is used as a partition to form a space that can be opened or closed, and can be real or virtual. In addition, as this wall is pushed towards the living room, the original "L" shaped wall and this wall form a mutually inclusive and non-occluding structure, breaking the unity of space and establishing a more flexible pattern.


Ethique's original and bizarre creation appeals to the semiotics of the East.
I named the case Yuehua, meaning the light of the moon. A moon lamp is lit on the corner of the living room to represent the moon. The whole case uses white to represent the moonlight. The ground uses moire white large brick to express the clouds in the sky, and the living room makes many arc-shaped processing to represent the sky. The coffee table uses an oval to represent an island on the ground. The brick-red jugs on the top represent the wine sacs or water pouches of the wanderers.


Aesthetics harmony in the perception of space and quality
The owner of this case is a Chinese who has been teaching in a German university after studying in Germany. They have been in Germany for 20 years. They live abroad and care about their family and relatives. Look up at the moon, bow down and think of home." This poem is the most accurate expression, so they returned home to the motherland, the theme of the moonlight. So for the furniture, I used BONLDO cream tofu block sofa and Magis design's Sam son outdoor Magic Chair, which is characterized by a huge horseshoe shape element, representing the wandering away from home. Because the "bed" in front of the bed is not a real "bed", in ancient China, men went to war, is a kind of life, their bed is "Maza". The dining chair was Marcel. Breuer's cantilever chair, as well as the yueliang Moon lamp designed by international artist Huang Yulong, combine art with tradition, so that there will always be a moon at home, so that yearning and family affection can blend in space.


Emotion --Creative, qualitative life scene
Usually I live in a hill village, when I look at the month on the terrace, full moon, clean light like a thin waterfall, like silver poured on the small tiles, midnight month like open eyes naughty children, keep using moonlight eyelashes patting my window Ling, fast out fast out, I like this month.
In autumn, the night moon is pleasant, the moonlight is like ice soul, moored in the clear sky, sitting on the terrace watching the starmoon, I think of Haizi's words in Asia Copper: "After beating the drum, we call the heart dancing in the dark the moon, which is mainly made up of you." The cool wind and cold light are due to the month, and everything is autumn.
When the wind stops, the moon is like a poem, in the poem, the moon is a figure of speech, a metaphor, is a line written on the water of the past, is a small handful of sentimental seeds. Borges said, "What can I do to keep you? I give you withered streets, hopeless sunsets, barren moons." "I turn off the moon and you are even brighter," says Jalaluddin Rumi. Bian Zhilin said, "You stand on the bridge and watch the scenery, while the people watching the scenery watch you upstairs. The moon adorns your Windows, and you adorn others' dreams."
The moon spread my space, moonlight like water enveloped the furniture, walls, ground... The marble on the ground, like the forest under the moon water, "Mingyue pine light, Qingquan stone upper."
The moon is white, the bright light is white, it illuminates the space pure and quiet. I think space creates a kind of image of beauty, it can not tolerate a little artificial.

Designer: Li Shu

Li Shu graduated from School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University and Master of International Design Management of Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. In 2003, she founded Nanjing Milan Decoration Engineering Company, and in 2016, she founded Nanjing Cotton Flower high-end design studio.
Won the title of "Ten Most Influential Designers" in the 6th China International Design and Art Fair, the title of "Ten Most Innovative People" in the 7th China International Architecture and Decoration Design Fair, the First Prize of "Living Space" in the China Interior Designers Golden League, and the First Prize of "International Environmental Art Competition" in the 8th Designers Fair. Jintang Award "Excellent Works Award of Public Space", Jintang Award "Excellent Works Award of Residential Apartment", Jiangsu Interior Design Competition won the "Excellence Award" and "Professional group Quality Engineering Award", Nanjing Interior Design Competition "Excellent Works Award (home decoration)" "Excellent Works Award (fixture)", China Nanjing Interior Design General ranking won the "Annual Office Space Design Award", The work "First Sight" won the first prize of residential space in the "Huading Award" of the 11th China International Architectural Decoration and Design Art Fair, the second prize of the work "Flower Stream", the "2018 Most Influential Design Figures" of CBDA soft Decoration and Display Art Festival, and the work "Lotus" won the "Villa Mansion Gold Medal".
Works selected in "China's latest top model House", "China interior decoration Yearbook", "Mood restaurant", "Sample House model room & simple life", "global top villa", "2012 villa design classic", "decoration information", "2014 Taobao interior design Competition", "Villa collection. Classical style"... And other magazine publications.