Category Setting

Professional Award

GPDP Award

The Award setting of GPDP Award, it is divided into the following parts:

A. Interior space design:

  • Hotel Space
  • Dining space
  • Cultural space
  • Office space
  • Entertainment space
  • Commercial space
  • Exhibition space
  • Real estate sales
  • Model room space
  • home residence
  • Villa space
  • club space
  • B & B space
  • soft decoration display
  • lighting design

B. Architectural planning and Design

  • Hotel Building
  • Cultural Building
  • Commercial Building
  • Office Building
  • Museum Building
  • Sports Building
  • Traffic Building
  • Real estate sales Building
  • Residential Building
  • Villa Building
  • B & B Building
  • Medical care & pension
  • Urban planning
  • Cultural and tourist attractions planning
  • Theme park

C. Product design:

  • Furniture design
  • Lamp design
  • Decoration objet design
  • Electrical products
  • Digital products
  • New materials
  • Smart home
  • Kitchen products
  • Bathroom products
  • Cultural and creative products

Setting of Professional Awards



Certificate + Trophy



Certificate + Trophy




Application conditions:

It is mainly aimed at interior designers and design institutions, architectural designers and design institutions, real estate enterprises, project owners, home product designers and design institutions, brand merchants.

Personal Award & Institutional Award

All kinds of Awards are determined according to the final evaluation results of the jury.

Personal Award

Personal Award

1. Top 10 most influential designers in the world
2. Top 100 most influential innovative designers of the year

Institutional Award

Institutional Award

Top 10 most influential design institutions of the year

All kinds of awards are determined according to the final evaluation results of the international jury, and the gold and silver awards may be vacant or juxtaposed according to the comprehensive evaluation of the jury. The original right of design works or products applying for professional awards belongs to the applicant (individual or enterprise). In case of infringement, the applicant (individual or enterprise) shall bear a series of legal matters arising from the infringement. The organizing committee has the right of final interpretation.