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Prime Ocean Taste・Seafood Pose Restaurant
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Our “taste” to the ocean is demonstrated by the poses of our foods,The origination of the design of our “Prime Ocean Taste” food is from the green concept “Natural Cooking” as popular as a breakthrough spot. Through the discovery and study of foods and health preservation to the modern people, featured by the “pose making”, we dish up our seafood plates artistically. We are trying to realize an exquisite Seafood Restaurant of a city by following the gifted nature of the foods and the fusion and transformation of nutritions. The Taste of the Ocean You Can Feel.

The designer believes that the restaurant is someone’s own explaination and experience to the beauty of life. He is good at using different languages and expressions of design to create a visual hit of the dining space. It applies also to this restaurant. He combined his own understanding of the modern design into the dining space, and made a strong while graceful dining environment. It encourages the appetite of the diners among the delights.

Designer: Andy Qin

Andy Qin ,Yinvil design studio, Creative designer.
The concept of aesthetic design plan first,Yinvil design studio adhere to the principle of “ to makes innovation for new experience, and find new ideas from creativity”, and try to enliven each work with distinct characteristics.
Work experience
Shanghai neri&hu design research office
Suzhou goldmantis HBA hotel design office
Won prizes
Ten Chinese and foreign hotel designer
China youth 40 UNDER 40 outstanding design
INTERNATIONAL Ecology Design Award 2016
Restaurant&Bar Design Awards 2021 shortlisted