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Zhengxing office building
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The designer chooses clean and rational lines and pays attention to the presentation of space details. The openwork art brick interprets order and change in the space, establishing a continuity between horizontal and vertical. Between inside and outside, it not only retains the memory of the times, but also accepts the emotions of the present.
Microcement and logs, two representative materials, collide to create a gratifying spark. While reflecting the differences between each other, it does not contradict each other, blends with the overall space naturally and calmly, and enhances the temperament of the space place.
The mezzanine area is dominated by meeting rooms and restaurants, with more emphasis on the integration of light and shadow and art. Pure, rational materials are all used: microcement art lacquer and terrazzo, openwork art bricks and logs to create a rustic, authentic feeling of space.
The third floor is a centralized office area. Starting from the daily work mode and behavior habits, it pays attention to social interaction and interaction in the open layout, and also provides independent space to better match the real needs of employees. The designer hopes that the tone of the office space is rational color, with calm thinking, and at the same time can burst out ideas and activity, stimulating emotional understanding.
As an important place for office, socialization and activities, the stepped seat is one of the representative elements of the college style, which was born in an open, harmonious and dynamic form. At the same time, as a "functional ambiguous" area, it flashes a vivid design atmosphere, making the space close and interesting.
The suspended meeting rooms in the sky are staggered with each other, giving them a sense of power. The transparent glass is gentle and powerful, which plays a role in rendering the overall atmosphere, symbolizing the openness and boundlessness of thinking, making the meeting room a place for brainstorming and inspiration.