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ZFA Growth Ring Cosmetic Packaging
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The packaging design of this product takes inspiration from the diverse lifestyles of modern women. The design was intended to create a complete experience by offering women a makeup gift box that combines music, makeup, and emotional audio recordings. The purpose is to fulfill the multifunctional needs of both makeup convenience and desktop storage.
To convey the idea of preserving time, the design incorporates elements of a gramophone and nature. This not only emphasizes practicality but also adds an artistic touch. It caters to different preferences and can be an ideal choice for holiday gifts. This gift box serves not only as a makeup case but also as a music player and emotion recorder that can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. By cleverly integrating the appearance of a gramophone into the design of the cosmetic case, it becomes a practical and decorative work of art. Its triple functionality breaks away from the traditional monotony of phonographs.
The internal structure of the product is meticulously designed with layered drawers. Each level of the case displays ZFA's makeup products collection, ensuring easy access and convenience for daily makeup routines. Furthermore, the double-layer display provides ample storage space for various items, catering to different occasions and needs.
Sustainable development solutions are incorporated into every aspect, from material selection and production processes to product use and disposal. The plexiglass top cover is made from recycled waste plastic bottles and electrical appliance casings. The drawers are constructed from recyclable wood and reused discarded furniture to conserve forest resources. The partition's inner layer is composed of degradable and compostable plant-based materials, promoting natural decomposition and reducing the ecological impact. These measures are all aimed at minimizing the environmental burden.

Agency:Xianghui Hengxin

Founded in 2012 in Anhui, Xianghui Hengxin specializes in brand management and e-commerce retail, with a focus on omnichannel brand marketing in the beauty industry. This includes coverage of e-commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, Pinduoduo, and Douyin, and a focus on all categories of cosmetics. Currently, the company has over 300 employees and achieves annual sales of over one billion. Xianghui Hengxin adheres to a business philosophy of innovation, refinement, and staying current with the times. The company aims to be a trusted e-commerce company for consumers and a reputable brand. With a warm, passionate, and loving company culture, it is made up of a team of young and promising talents from across China. Xianghui Hengxin not only emphasizes external beauty but also internal quality to meet the needs of ordinary beings. The company is dedicated to the research and development of rational makeup in the new era.