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YUSPA • Healing Land
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Healing is gently removal the protection layer by layer in a secure environment, thereby returning to a true and natural state of life.
YUSPA was founded in 2016, pioneered the creation of healing style SPA as a brand vision. After five years of steady development, it is widely recognized and loved by the market and members. In 2021, it will welcome its second branch store on Jinbao Street in Beijing-Jinbao Store. USConcept`s long-term exploration of the "sense of experience" is highly compatible with YUSPA brand, which is also committed to creating extreme experience, It is honored to be the design and implementation service of this project.
At the beginning of the project,the designer and the client jointly conducted a site selection analysis, and finally found the most ideal place-Beijing Jinbaohui Phase III in a few months. On the bustling and luxurious Jinbao Street, one door at a time, just one step away from the busy city, leaving the complex behind, to start a journey of healing.

The first floor is the indoor elevator halland interactive art installation-Galaxy Gong. YUSPA brand color is transformed into warm and moist custom cement, which is complemented by rhythmic light to enhance the texture. Feeling inside and outside, thick and thin, firm and soft at that moment, which is the welcome gifts for guests.
Since its establishment, YUSPA has taken the five senses (visual, olfactory, auditory, tactile andsensory) as its service concept, and the design is also extended from this. We disassemble, transform, and combine these five parts one by one, in-depth design and adjustment of each item, and strive to take care of all people's feelings in the space, even those inadvertently.
The fourth floor consists of all publicareas (reception consultation, essential oil preparation, bowl interaction, social tea break, fragrance display, terrace rest) and three-star rating SPA room. We believe that before and after SPA is as important as itself. By dedicating two-thirds of the floor to public areas, we strive to create aprogressive interactive experience that guests are "immersed" in it unknowingly.

YUSPA has been pursuing natural and rustic products and humanistic feelings since its inception. The independent fragrance display area is planned, not only to show the understanding and polishing of essential oil and related products, but also to provide a platform for guests who love essential oil culture to share and communicate.
What kind of environment can have adialogue with the body, mind and spirit? Is it the environment? Or the way the environment is used? Perhaps there is a more important point——giving state to the environment. We create a tranquility island for guests and healers, both parties (guests, healers) are involved, and they are taken care of very well, as YUSPA's slogan: As you heal the other, you heal yourself.
The third floor consists of SPA rooms and central bathroom area. When the elevator doors open, the space is shrunk for the first time. The guests were wrapped in natural maple wood and slowly entered the room following the footsteps of the healers. When the door opens, the space is once again shrunk, stepping into the SPA area wrapped in a dark flocking blanket, leaving the body and mind to the environment where healing occurs naturally.

Designer: Junwei Wang

Junwei Wang, founder and chief designer of USConcept, is an aromatherapy enthusiast. It is committed to the exploration and research of space experience, integrating the design thinking of boutique hotels for more than ten years with SPA focusing on physical and mental feelings, exploring the possibility of high matching experience through deep interaction with brands, and customizing the exclusive space experience mode.