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Yi Yun Zen Retreat
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The Oriental Aristocracy of Secluded Mountain Residences.
China's Wuyi Mountains, renowned for its hermit culture and picturesque landscapes, is steeped in a millennium-old tradition of Zen tea culture and scenic bamboo forests, infusing a touch of romanticism. Drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of Wuyi Mountain, our designers have taken the lifestyle needs of clients seeking a secluded mountain abode as the starting point for creation. Balancing the harmony of mountains and forests with Zen tea culture, the design aims to provide users with relaxation in nature, offering a life aesthetic of mountain views, riverside serenity, cloud proximity, and heart nourishment.
Awakening Inherent Chinese Essence with Eastern Elements.
Fujian, deeply rooted in Chinese culture, serves as the backdrop for our design, echoing the aesthetics of the East. Extracting the rhythmic forms of nature through modern craftsmanship, the design incorporates natural elements such as mountains and streams, blending them with local Fujian culture and elements. This fusion enriches the space, creating a new and irreproducible Eastern charm. Local solid wood is used in furniture design, crafting bookshelves, traditional Chinese tables and chairs, and window lattice. The use of curved legs and translucent design satisfies modern aesthetic preferences while enhancing comfort and practicality. The contrast in color and material, along with innovative structural designs, achieves a visually pleasing and relaxed atmosphere, embodying the spiritual pursuit of "uprightness, purity, harmony, and elegance."
Three Generations Harmoniously Coexisting.
Deeply ingrained in Chinese culture, the cohabitation of three generations is commonplace, reflecting both familial harmony and the concept of integration and symbiosis. Situated within the Wuyi Mountain scenic area, surrounded by mountains and vast water surfaces, the building is designed with a lobby extending to both sides, embracing natural landscapes for physical and mental expansion. Living areas and functional areas are situated on the negative first floor, ensuring the separation of dynamic and static spaces, perfectly combining communal living with privacy. The second floor accommodates the parents' room, emphasizing respect for parents while ensuring convenience. The third floor houses the master suite, comprising a living room, study, and bedroom, offering a spacious design for comfort and meeting the need for personal solitude. The entire space design emanates elegance and grandeur from traditional classical styles, creating a profound Eastern ambiance.
Attention to Detail - Exquisite and Seamless.
The gym on the negative first floor adopts semi-translucent design, with an inner courtyard embodying Eastern privacy. Full-length glass windows seamlessly integrate with Western landscape views, providing convenient observation of the surrounding scenery. The elevator hall features a domed coffered ceiling with intricate arches, forming a unique and beautiful motif. The "round sky, square earth" coffered ceiling is also a symbol of royal nobility. Throughout the project design, attention is given to pursuing excellence in detail, seamlessly integrating detail with humanity and nature. The space is dynamic, flexible, and radiant, with every detail being finely crafted and visually pleasing. The viewer can gradually experience the charm of Eastern culture in the rhythm of changing scenery.
Zen Living with Eastern Charm and Taste.
Fujian residents have a profound love for tea, and the design of the tea room is crucial as a social space. The designer selected an excellent landscape view for the tea room, overlooking the mountains and waters, providing a space for solitude and introspection. Different functional rooms reflect various social needs: dining room, tea room, library, gym, wine cellar, audio-visual room, and relaxation area. The calm and elegant spatial shapes, combined with a Chinese crystal feature wall that seems to transcend time, create a profound Oriental meaning. The space is adorned with numerous local Wuyi Mountain artifacts, experiencing the interweaving of the future and history, where historical accumulation and modern lifestyles seamlessly merge.
Resonating with Wuyi Mountain in the New Chinese Style.
Nestled by mountains and surrounded by lush greenery, Wuyi Mountain's unique natural beauty outlines the most beautiful Eastern scroll. Sloping roofs, traditional Chinese lattice patterns, ancient bookshelves, Chinese paintings, and bronze-colored walls blend naturally with the clear and pristine qualities of traditional Fujian architecture. Modern elements collide here, with warm wood textures, sturdy stones, and exquisite metals exuding quality. In harmony with local residences, the design is naturally rustic, providing residents with a rare sense of peace and ease, akin to the rhythm of pastoral life. The new Chinese style is enhanced in its beauty and elegance by the grace of Wuyi Mountain.

Agency: Shenzhen Auburn Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

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