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Yi nationality Diqu Baiyun catering complex
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Yi Diqu Baiyun Catering Complex of Yi Nationality: Comprehensively understand architecture from urban, cultural, sociological and other aspects, and see that architecture can also assume certain social responsibilities, bringing the romantic and delicate French connotation to Liangshan, a hot Yi village. Then break the romance into three spaces: food, wine, cigar and opera. The modern life style covers the opening and closing of the Yi people. Diqu is a kind of spirit, which is inspired by the Yi village. It is envisaged how to take the inheritance of Yi culture as the leading role, and use exquisite and simple techniques to set off the space atmosphere, make the embryo, carve, and push the light, and finally reshape the new life.
The design of a 10 meter long bar in the end creates a sense of order and ritual for the space. The bar extends the space through the ingenious combination of its own length and various elements. Each area of the space is evenly distributed, which explains the spatial connotation of "making friends with wine". Each stone column breaks through the soil and is integrated with the ceiling. The use of hollowed out metal ceilings is inspired by French architecture. Compared with stone materials, metal ceilings are more dazzling and noble.

Designer: LEO CHEN

Interior Architect/CEO of Luoyang Design/Vice President of Luoyang Cultural Research Institute/General Manager of Yaxian Optoelectronics Technology
Graduated from: Tongji University
A young designer who advocates natural life and technology leads fashion The project involves commercial complex, hotel space, catering complex, office space, tourism, cultural and creative space, etc
She has more than 10 years of rich experience in conceptual scheme design and brand management, focuses on commercial building space with sharp and young business thinking, assists the growth of commercial brands, and provides professional design, planning and consulting services for many brands