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Xingshufu Banouet
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Project Name: Xingshufu Banouet
Location: 2F, Shanghai World Financial Center, Changning District, Shanghai
Design Company: BTD
International Design
Chief Designer: Haodong liu
Assistant Designer: Yuxi Zhou
Area: 680M2
Cost: RMB 6600000.00
Design Cycle: 2023.2-2023.4
Completion time: 2023.7
Main Materials: Wood veneer, vintage stainless steel, marble, leather, mirrored stainless steel, mosaic, Malay paint
Client Name:Shanghai Xing Shu Hui Catering Co., Ltd
Photographer: Haha Lu
The positioning of the "Xingshufu Banouet" restaurant in this project is a high-end dining space that mainly integrates Sichuan cuisine. It is an upgraded version of Xingshu Fu Zhen Cui, located at Shanghai Global Financial Center, Shanghai, adjacent to the Jinmao Building and Shanghai Center in Lujiazui. We hopes to maximize the value of business through design, drive brand differentiation through design, and create one of the most iconic restaurants in the city. Method first, strategy first. The starting point of this design strategy is how to create a deep memory point in the hearts of diners by shaping space, and further form a brand. In addition to the objective existence of functions, space also highlights its own personality in terms of form, color, and texture expression. By creating a subject with strong visual appeal in space, completing a crucial step that is memorable. Creating a familiar cultural experience in this city in the contemporary context will focus on the extension of humanistic charm, elegance, and value recognition, integrating them into modern lifestyles, and achieving the ultimate in the presentation of this space. The overall space blends oriental aesthetics with a contemporary modern western approach. Western culture emphasizes rationality, while Eastern culture emphasizes perception. Western art forms and ideas have a constantly changing spirit of rational criticism, while Eastern art forms have a consistent aesthetic trend and cultural spirit. The combination of Chinese and Western cultures leads to differences in spatial forms, resembling a magical kaleidoscope that brings unexpected surprises. But in any case, it will eventually return to the exploration of food itself, because 'there is true meaning in this'.

Designer:Haodong liu