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Project Name: X Media
Location: Building 6#,No 123,West Hulanlu ,Baoshan District,Shanghai
Design Company: BLG Design
Chief Designer: Joy Zhang
Cost: 9 million Yuan
Design Period: From July to October 2022
Completion time: March 2023
Main Materials: Solid wood composite floor, Solid wood anti-corrosion wood grille, Latex paint, Ultra-clear tempered glass, Environmentally friendly floor glue
Area: 2400m²
Client Name: X Media
Photographer: Shiwang Bao
The project design focused on transforming an industrial factory building with a large-scale atrium space and a sloping roof structure into a working space that can meet the needs of over 300 staff.
In the entrance lobby on the ground floor, the designer built two suspended timber blocks and implanted large stairs to support the plane and vertical visual relationship, leading to the FREE CAFÉ space on the second floor. The designer arranged the circulation of different departments around the central stairs made from log-colored oak flooring. The staircase became two chic small meeting rooms enclosed by the wood grille wall.
Based on the central working area, the circular circulation routes of the overall space on the second floor introduce the most natural light into the room that can expand into a flexible MINI OFFICE to break the traditional model of one person with one desk. The designer created a new ceiling joist shape according to the proportion of the original roofing structure, matched with the embellishment of the hanging moon-shaped lamps, creating an imaginary space with an intense courtyard atmosphere.

Agency: BLG Design