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Wuhan Ping An Financial Center
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Design of Wuhan Ping An Financial Center Indoor Public Area Fine Decoration Renovation Project
Project Overview:
Design of Wuhan Ping An Financial Center Indoor Public Area Fine Decoration Renovation Project.>
Wuhan Ping An Financial Center is located at 1628 Zhongshan Avenue, Jiang'an District, Wuhan City, adjacent to the Huangpu Road Light Rail Station and the Yangtze River Second Bridge transportation hub. The project covers an area of 11394.35 square meters, with a total construction area of approximately 82648 square meters, including a 57051 square meter office building, a 1743 square meter commercial podium, and a 23853 square meter underground 3-story garage. The total building height is 137.95 meters, and the standard floor area of the office building is 1987 square meters. The floor height is 4.25 meters, the net height is 2.75 meters, and the average depth is 12.4 meters. The building was completed in 2011 and has been in use for 10 years since its delivery in 2011.
The scope of this design includes the first floor lobby and elevator hall, standard floor elevator hall, elevator car, standard floor public walkway, men's and women's restrooms, administrative restrooms, tea room, cleaning room, 5-floor rental conference area, cargo elevator front room, and other areas that customers can reach. This is the newly relocated office space of Guangfa Law Firm in Pudong New Area. It includes 8 independent partner offices, 1 chairman's office, approximately 100 open office spaces, and supporting functional spaces such as meeting rooms, receptions, and tea. The total design area is approximately 2300 square meters.>
The first floor lobby is mainly in a modern style, using neutral tones of white and warm gold. Natural materials and exquisite lighting are used to create a peaceful and professional office environment. In terms of spatial color, the white and warm golden tones contrast with the smooth dark marble floor, creating a strong sense of space. In terms of functional settings, while retaining the original lobby function, the area of the urban reception hall has been added, which not only meets the waiting needs of visitors, but also allows for the holding of special themed activities at special times, with flexible spatial functions. Art installations and plant embellishments bring vitality and color to the space, making the entire office lobby not only a node of passage, but also a place for communication and rest. The design of the standard floor office space also continues modern minimalism, providing soft and uniform lighting through the use of neutral tones, embedded materials, and vertically upward lighting, enhancing the openness and fluidity of the space.
Overall, these designs are deeply researched in terms of material, color, and lighting usage, aiming to create a professional and comfortable environment suitable for modern office lobbies and standard office public areas.


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