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Wuhan·Weiran Life Aesthetics Museum
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RONGOR DESIGN has constructed everything through a small piece of land and built the Wuhan-Weiran Life Aesthetics Museum, which belongs to the pulse of the times, with the artistic design thinking of space and time.
Wuhan is known as the "City of Hundred Lakes", its unique natural resources and humanistic flavor nourish this fertile land, and the project is surrounded by many lakes, living in the city and dwelling in nature, RONGOR DESIGN uses "islands of time" as the geographical cultural symbol and The overall emphasis is on lines and sequences, while analyzing the actual situation of the building from the perspective of space function, value input ratio and customer demand. In addition to digging deeper into the basic functions of the clubhouse, the sunken open-air atrium is assembled to analyze the changes of daylight and the seasons and to reorganize the relationship between them, exploring the connection between space and time with the rhythmical changes of space and finding the balance between spiritual and natural forces to create an aesthetic living experience space different from the traditional concept of clubhouse.

Agency:ShenZhen Rongor Design &Consultant Co.Ltd

Persist in Innovation, Pursue Perfection
RONGOR was established in Shenzhen by Mr. Ronger Kane in 1999, including design brands Rongor Design and IN SPACE. Adhering to the concept of "Persist in Innovation, Pursue Perfection", RONGOR advocates strategic humanistic creativity and systematic professional design, emphasizes the comfort and convenience of functions, and focuses on shaping the temperament of the space. The works reflect the humanistic character and artistic temperature in modern rationality.
For more than 20 years, RONGOR has been firmly believing that actions speak louder than words. With a rigorous professional attitude and comprehensive project management mode, RONGOR has provided many clients with customized services in various industries including real estate, hospitality, restaurant, office, cultural tourism, health care, and high-end private residences. Our all-round service content involves pre-project planning, architectural and landscape consulting, interior design and soft decoration design, etc. At the same time, we provide leading clients in the real estate industry with customized R&D services for overall fine decoration standards. We are one of the leaders of contemporary space design in China.