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Where the Heart Goes/Everything Grows
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A good space is a manifestation of the collision between authenticity and poetry,a fusion of multiple aspects that conform to its beauty, and a connection between the protagonist's past and future.The designer then understood the essence of it.Taking its meaning, creating its environment, and returning to the trajectory of nature, the entire space is filled with the growth of all things, half unrestrained and half orderly.
Stepping into the space, what catches your eye is the ethereal,gentle,and comfortable tone.The milky white color naturally spreads throughout the house,eliminating the need for complex color stacking,and presenting a peaceful and authentic atmosphere throughout the space. Philosopher Locke once said,"Life is born like white paper,"and returning to simplicity and purity is the direction of the heart.

Designer: Li Na

Namo Space Design Studio, Founder/Design Director, Educational background: Beijing Jiaotong University Environmental Art, Tsinghua Environmental Art, Milan Institute of Technology, Italy Industry qualifications, 17 years of work experience in the industry, Registered Senior Member of China Decoration Association, Registered Senior Interior Architect of China Architectural Decoration Association, Registered Senior Interior Residential Designer of China Architectural Decoration Association.