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In a consumer society, material enrichment naturally brings visual satisfaction, but aesthetic fatigue inevitably also appears, and the huge modern pressure also causes physical and mental fatigue. People began to reflect on this fast-paced life, and increasingly yearned for natural, comfortable, ethereal and elegant home aesthetics.
The designers take the Andaman Islands of the southeast of Bay of Bengal, blend the verdant poetry into life,study every inch of space, show the nature of inner relaxation, arouse the daily aesthetic interest of urbanite.

The natural field of dispelling anxiety

The living room provides a glimpse of the owner's life pursuit. There is no need for gorgeous colors, coffee color and marble gray are harmoniously radiated, allowing people to comprehend the artistic conception of the space in an extremely restrained way, slowly infecting emotions, and infiltrating the tired soul.
Wood grain TV Background Wall, high-quality Sofa, minimalist style clock... under the low-key color, appears very harmonious, leisurely and leisurely manner of life. The appreciation of the furniture is not to gain the knowledge of the real object, but to immerse in the spiritual space of island walking and aesthetic art.
A few couches have a degree and a style, and a touch of green plants is like a microcosm of Andaman Island. It captures plenty of sunlight, radiates the vigor of the space, and projects an aesthetic feeling close to nature, elegant and warm, and modernity anxiety is eliminated. Invisible.

Fresh life aesthetics

The green plant elements extending from the living room to the dining room not only achieve the unification of the artistic style of the space and create a visual memory point, but also allow the dining room to surpass its original functionality and reach a new realm of perception of a new life taste and aesthetic approach, giving it a spiritual show. Fresh and natural charm.
As Fan Xiwen said: “Turn scenery into emotions, from beginning to end, nature is like moving clouds and flowing water.” The wallpaper deliberately reproduces the style of Andaman Island, which is an intuitive representation of the pursuit of natural and frank family life aesthetics.

The empty inspiration of the blank artistic conception

"Minimalism is not nothing, but another kind of possession." The study accurately interprets this point. Starting from practical functions, the reading environment is constructed with the design vocabulary of "blank", which triggers sensory pleasure and causes unique slow rhythm The spiritual satisfaction of life.

Humanistic care for the living environment

Attention to details is to practice the aesthetics of life and design. The parent room fully respects the needs of users, and conveys a peaceful visual experience with a smooth and delicate facade. No matter from the perspective of lines, colors, or artistic conception and form, the parents' room is undoubtedly an emotional space formed by transcending reality. Breathe gently, cleanse the soul, and the empty and peaceful state of mind slowly evaporates.

A strange and interesting space for exploring the secrets

Following the stairs straight up, following the guidance of the bear ornaments, he came across the interesting multifunctional room. Along the way is not only the transfer of space and the replacement of objects, but also a metaphor for the soul's desire for freedom. Without enthusiasm for life, it is difficult to create a living room that meets modern life requirements and aesthetic taste.
Life is an art in itself. The Multifunctional House undertakes the mission of nourishing art, and realizes the change of multi-use scene. In their own private space, surrounded by the warm red from Andaman, stirring a comfortable and novel attitude to life.

A happy paradise full of childlike fun

It is with the care and empathy for children, designers not only meet the functional needs, but also focus on the psychological level to give the most subtle sense of comfort. Bright and clear color, childlike lovely bedding, stretch tingxiu lines, children's room is still a happy place full of fantastic ideas.

A beautiful dream-making scene surrounded by grass

The fresh and elegant colors and natural-looking murals show infinite poetry, and the home has a beautiful natural scenery. Although it is made by humans, it is like a natural beauty. Without leaving the room, the mind can travel through the steel forest and reach the ocean-going islands without restraint in the body and mind, which is what Zhuangzi calls "Xin Zhai" and "Sit and Forget."
The master bedroom emphasizes the communication between man and nature, advocating a vision of returning to oneself and letting go of heavy burdens. As long as you understand the connotation of design with your heart, aesthetics can transcend the limits of art and sublimate daily life.

The spatial atmosphere of virtual reality

Comfort and practicality are the ultimate demands of humanistic home furnishings. The lounge connected to the master bedroom is full of greenery, presenting the complex characteristics of the building. The succinct and smooth shape brings a sense of movement, cleverly blurs the boundaries, and reasonably divides independent and interconnected blocks to form an avant-garde and free living space, lightly strolling, and self-sufficient in nature.
The change in life taste makes people not satisfied with the paleness of the modern style, and more want to give it a certain cultural and natural connotation. The tactile design draws inspiration from the Andaman Islands with a rational approach and a perceptual perspective. It inherits the form and extends the meaning, and then expresses the spirit and realizes the "aestheticization of daily life". This is exactly what Mr. Lin Yutang called the "life Art".

Agency: Touch Design

Touch Design was founded in 2008, focusing on the design and construction services of high-end private houses, commercial and office spaces. The company has dual qualifications for design and construction. It is a founding brand that introduces space design into Tianjin in the form of a studio, and is a hot brand for online media. We advocate the independence and originality of design and the quality and comfort of space, and strive to perfectly combine the scientific design and visual artistry, to provide elite customers with high-quality various space design and construction services, and always go with the spirit of ingenuity Reshape the aesthetics of space design.