VR-LVB5 VREMT Residential Energy Storage Battery VR-LVB5
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With rapid development and popularization of renewable energy, home photovoltaic power generation systems have seized more attention. To better utilize renewable energy and settle the problem of energy supply and demand imbalance, this household energy storage battery pack emerged as the times require, offering a new home energy storage solution.
The battery pack boasts a brushed aluminum alloy metal shell to give a sense of technology and a futuristic feeling, which, styled in a simple manner, can harmonize with any home environment. A gradual light strip embedded in the center of the shell shows the charging and discharging status and power with color change. The bottom is equipped with indicative triangle light able to act as a switch. The split structure supports diverse parallel connection methods. The messy wires can be hidden inside the power pack, which ensures a clean, uniform aesthetic.
The module design contributes to stable quality and high safety level. There are 8 NTC temperature measuring points in each battery pack to achieve more accurate temperature monitoring. Thanks to BMS pre-charging design and intelligent charging and discharging SOP management, the product dynamically regulates the voltage during the input and output of the battery module, so as to stabilize the power and prolong service life. The dial-free switch allows for the one-touch switching function without manual control, and thus makes the product safer.
The waterproof port design leads to the protection level of IP55, whereby to fully keep other objects from the inside of the battery pack. The PCB circuit board coated with 150μm triple-proof paint can adapt to various weather outdoors. Featuring strong versatility, the product is compatible with multiple communication protocols and over 20 kinds of inverters on the market.

Agency:Viridi E-Mobility Technology (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd.

VREMT founded in 2013 is affiliated to Geely Holding Group. Headquartered in Ningbo, Zhejiang, it is a new energy technology company specializing in the R&D, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service of new energy vehicle power batteries, electric drive system, charging system, and energy storage system. Based on battery, electric drive and vehicle charger of new energy vehicles, VREMT seeks technological breakthroughs and innovation. Against the backdrop of its ten years of development, it has accumulated strong technical strength and gradually expanded its business to fields such as charging and energy storage. A comprehensive energy business development system and an all-around new energy eco-chain have taken shape, thereby providing safe, efficient, and intelligent energy solutions for global users.