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VOCO Hotel Chaotianmen, Chongqing
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This project is the inaugural VOCO hotel in the Greater China region for the IHG InterContinental Hotels Group's new upscale brand. It is located at the popular landmark in Chongqing, Chaotianmen, and currently stands as the flagship store for VOCO in the southwestern region of China under IHG.
Drawing inspiration from the lifestyle scenes of the Republic of China era, the design incorporates contemporary deconstructive techniques to disassemble and reapply these elements. Employing the language of Art Deco and featuring contemporary artistic expressions, three distinct bird characters (IP), the project revolves around the lifestyle of the Republic of China's capital, leading the public through an immersive journey blending the ancient and modern, fusing the East and West.
Upon entering the atrium, visitors are captivated by the contemporary urban scene and the intertwining views of the convergence of the two rivers, presented by exquisite copper rings. The bronze logo on the blue stone background wall competes for attention, narrating the brand's story. Continuing along the main route, within this space adorned with fire and lights, one feels as if they are in the reception room of a mansion belonging to a high-ranking official. Looking up, a large contemporary deconstructive chandelier composed of lampshades hovers above, making a bold statement of current fashion.
The hotel rooms adopt a backdrop featuring contemporary Republic of China-style wall panels, open-plan bathrooms, mosaic-like ceramic textures, brass metal accents, installation-style tree language, and artistic nostalgic installations. This creates a visual contrast and a unique Republic of China charm with a touch of modernity, establishing a contemporary experiential new lifestyle scene.

Designer:Peng Tong

Peng Tong, a native of Chengdu, born in 1967, holds a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a master's degree in Art Design. With three decades of experience, Peng is a seasoned hotel designer and researcher, consistently serving as the chief designer for hotel projects. His expertise spans hotel development, construction management, investment planning, planning, end-to-end interior design, interdisciplinary coordination, and hotel operational research. Currently, he holds the position of an officially recommended designer for IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group).
In the 1990s, Peng worked at Anhua Investment Management Limited in Hong Kong, where he was responsible for hotel and catering investment construction management. In 1998, he founded Chengdu Worldly Hotel Design Consulting Limited, providing services for over 250 hotel projects to date. He has long collaborated with numerous hotel management companies, participating in hotel development, project planning, architectural planning, interior design, and construction consulting services.
Over the past decade, Peng has been involved in nearly fifty hotel projects under the IHG brand. Recently, he successfully completed and opened projects such as Voco Hotel in Chongqing Chaotianmen and Holiday Inn in Chongqing Guanyin Bridge. Currently, he is designing Holiday Inn Crown Hotel and Holiday Inn Center Hotel in Leshan, as well as various hotel projects such as Holiday Inn Center Hotel in Chengdu and Voco Hotel in Chengdu Yanshikou.
Peng Tong is actively engaged in hotel investment, construction, and operation research, possessing unique insights into hotel investment returns, a comprehensive professional lean design system, hotel construction control, and commercial consumer scenarios.