Very simple and quiet
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Living with simplicity | Living with light and shadow
Extremely restrain the weakening of symbolic forms, so that materials, light, shadow and space can be presented in their most authentic state
The unique top shape is the highlight of this public area
Simplicity is the modern young people's yearning for life and living environment

No main lamp design reflects the characteristics of space simplicity
The master bedroom continues the color matching of the living room to create a warm and comfortable rest space.
Decorations and pedal furniture with a sense of design enrich the level of space,
The large floating window allows people to enjoy the scenery outside.

Designer: Wentao Fan

Fan Wentao, Senior Chief Designer
European Mediterranean Neoclassical American Nordic
Personal Profile
School of Graduation: Xiamen Huatian University Environmental Art
Design Personal Honors:
Interior Designer of China Building Decoration Association
National registered senior interior designer
Xiamen Excellent Award for Original Interior Design
Golden Finger Cup Design Open Excellence Award
40under40 China (Huzhou) Design Outstanding Youth