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TT Beauty Salon
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The project is a professional hair salon, located on the third floor of the mall in the east of Beijing, with a use area of 140 square meters. As a senior hairdresser, the customer pays special attention to the use of indoor space, color matching and the sense of experience of customers entering the store. Therefore, the common horizontal and vertical patterns are abandoned in the design, and the arc-shaped elements are integrated into the overall space to enhance the connection between areas with streamline modeling design, magnify the visual effect of the space, and make the space very design conscious.

Designer: Zhang Yan

2008-2012 Studied in Environmental Art Design Department of Tianjin University of Technology
Employed in domestic decoration design company from 2012 to 2019
Since the establishment of personal design studio in 2019
Won several interior design awards from 2016 to 2021