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Based on the site of the actual project, the design language is deconstructed in the spatial framework from the perspective of the era. Design is a process of returning to reason, but the part of culture intimacy and emotion must go through the sensibility, so that people can form a dialogue with the space where the environment, the past and the future, history and the modernity blend.
Hundred years ago, Ji Chengzeng's Yuan Ye left a wealth of experience in gardening for future generations. Today, our designers still humbly adhere to this idea and wisdom, discussing people and space to create modern residence with Chinese style gardens.
Architecture looks perfect from the facade, while the foundation looks perfect from the beginning. ---- Yuan Ye. The abundant landscape must be have mountains and water, for example, lake water in the center, then supplemented by stream, let the garden water system zigzag back and forth, make the space have emptiness, is the common water management technique of the Chinese gardens.
From outdoors to inside of the Jiangnan style residential housing, there's a architectural concept named Sishuiguitang. Rainwater flows into the courtyard from all directions, which means that the traditional culture and garden elements are separated and reorganized, and the whole system is coordinated. It not only expresses the ideal state of "harmony between nature and man" in oriental culture, but also incorporates modern design language. Corridor zigzag, visitors in the moving view of the natural vast. Passing through the corridor, you will see the round arch-shaped moon cave door, which originated from the Su garden, is a common Chinese classical architecture through the door. Both for the way in and out, but also into a landscape, and constantly, vague, more mysterious and elegant space.
"People phase chapped grain, imitating ancient poetry meaning" - Yuan Ye. In Chinese landscape painting, the quiet expression of artistic conception is emphasized, and the subtle dialectical relationship between objects and mood is also paid particular attention.

The interior borrows the Chinese landscape painting concept, is the natural texture superimposed cliff landscape.Through the exquisite space detail aesthetics, shows the classical culture, through the tiger skin golden Phoebe top cabinet array on both sides of the hall, to the mountains and jungles art hanging paintings, through the traditional Chinese garden design language of "bring the nature from the artificial art".
"In the West, windows are windows that put in light and fresh air, but to the Chinese, it is a picture frame and the garden is always outside of it. " — I.M. Pei. Delicate frame, follow the ancient architectural construction style. One tenon and one tenon between the wisdom and tolerance of the ancients, seamless integration;
Terrace, inside and outside, sit idly among them, spring flowers, summer rain, autumn maple leaves, and winter plum. Look at the blue stone white sand, appreciate the green Bamboo and red maple leaves. One side of the sky presents a school of nature's rhythmic innocence. It is a unique landscape throughout the building. From the perspective of the beauty of dynamic landscape, it shows the changing state of time and space.

Agency: Beijing Boswell International Architectural Design Consultant Co. , Ltd.

Beijing Boswell International Architectural Design Consultant Co. , Ltd. (BOSWELL) is dedicated to planning, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, decorative art design, to provide customers with integrated design services.
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