Trendy Yahei
Designer / Agency
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In terms of structural layout, the designer transformed the previously scattered five small rooms into two suites and one guest room according to the existing family structure of the residents, greatly improving the space utilization rate and making it more consistent with the living habits of the owners. In terms of atmosphere creation, use broken line elements and layered block surfaces to render a cool sense of technology and futuristic; Showcasing interesting trendy toys and prints to create a pure and joyful spatial atmosphere, creating a unique and imaginative trendy world for residents.

Designer:Xing Hu

Hu Xing Design Studio is an independent individual design studio of Shangshe Family, with designer Hu Xing as the design director and members of the entire project team as support. Hu Xing, with 15 years of experience in the industry, has achieved a perfect integration of rationality and aesthetics in design. She not only has the delicate empathy ability of female designers, but also introduces rational and careful design thinking. In the presentation of her works, we can see the soft, delicate and warm side of home, as well as the open and close side of home.