Treasurable Mansion
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A I. Design Foundation — Crafting the Ideal Residence for Contemporary Chinese Living.
In recent years, as we embark on the design journey for residential projects, a fundamental question resonates with our efforts: What defines the ideal dwelling for contemporary Chi-nese individuals?
Amidst the dynamic evolution of real estate over the past two decades, architectural styles have undergone continuous transformations. Our collective focus has shifted from ostenta-tious and intricate decorations to a concentration on the living space itself. Particularly in the last couple of years, there has been a shift from imitating others' lifestyles to defining one's own desired state of living.
If a residence is considered the container of life, the ideal dwelling for the Chinese has never been confined solely to indoor spaces. The traditional concept of "a garden within the home" reflects the highest ideal of living.
While it may be challenging for contemporary urban environments to replicate such densi-ty and form, dwelling harmoniously with nature remains the ideal for urban living. It al-lows residents to enjoy all the conveniences of city life while savoring the beauty and ro-mance of courtyard living. The dual system of "mansion and garden" may be the ideal liv-ing paradigm for contemporary urban life, capable of inheriting the traditional Chinese artistic life — with blossoming flowers in spring, the moon in autumn, cool breezes in summer, and snow in winter.
The ideal residence is a composite life system; beyond the mansion and garden, there exists a premium and exclusive living service. The community's public spaces are also designed to create warm living scenes, enhance interpersonal communication, and foster a sense of belonging within the community.
B II. Customer Value Experience:
B1 Resource Endowment — Urban Core Location, Top-notch Resources, and Social Cir-cles
Treasurable Mansion is strategically located in the central CBD of the west bank, enjoying the best urban resource endowment with the most exclusive urban core resources and social circles. The urban surrounding is mature and complete, with a well-proportioned layout, making it an ideal place for premium residence.
B2 Top-tier Product — Homogeneous Planning Layout of Mansion and Garden — Bal-anced Layout, Good Space, Rich Hierarchy, and Free Flow Space.
The overall layout design forms a spatial grid with buildings naturally creating a nine-square grid. The layout is balanced, and the space is well-distributed. The central three squares are connected, forming an oversized central garden. The west side serves as the main entrance to the garden area, with the clubhouse and water courtyard pavilion creating picturesque views and enriching the depth of scenes. The bottom floors of five tower buildings are elevated, allowing free movement between the central courtyard and the north and south gardens. The north and south gardens present a unique landscape between residences. The elevated floors include both indoor and open shared spaces, seamlessly integrating the garden into daily life.
The garden spaces and homecoming routes of the project unfold in a way reminiscent of a garden journey:
The community's main entrance, themed after a traditional tapestry called Yunjin, exudes a sense of ritual and artistry. Through the entrance courtyard, one enters the community lob-by, a shared community living room. The facing scenes include the gleaming water court-yard and the cliffside pavilion. The division of the pavilions creates rich layers and an in-timate scale. Behind the pavilions unfolds a serene forest-like landscape.
Turning around and looking across the water courtyard, two tower buildings stand tall and upright, highlighting the dignity of the mansion and the tranquility of the garden. The cen-tral garden is lush with trees and has an expansive scale. Some elevation changes, along with embedded elegant sunken courtyards and elevated platforms, suggest the charm of an urban forest, combining residence and leisure. Each unique courtyard space caters to peo-ple of all ages, providing everyone with their most beloved spaces.
The buildings embedded in the gardens have ground floors with 4.5-meter elevated spaces. Simultaneously, there are open and transparent landscaped grey spaces, providing residents with living and leisure spaces in the garden.
B3 Facade Design — Beyond Extravagance, Rejecting Excessive Decorations.
The facade design transcends extravagance, abandoning luxurious and flamboyant decora-tions in favor of a modern, simple, and refined style. It primarily revolves around four aspects: an elegant volume, graceful proportions, carefully selected materials, and meticu-lously carved details.
B4 The building's form emphasizes vertical segmentation, using stone as a framework to divide the overall structure. Transparent glass boxes are embedded in the middle, with del-icate metal borders emphasizing the connection between the facade's light and concrete elements, accentuating the majestic beauty of the architectural volume amid changes in light and shadow. Changes in the details between bay window layers, with each three levels forming a rhythmic sense in the composition.
To enhance the seamless integration of indoor and outdoor living experiences, the balcony part adopts full floor-to-ceiling window design, increasing the proportion of glass in the facade. In terms of color and material selection, the project uses grey stone complemented by elegant warm grey metal lines to outline. The layering of light and dark and different shades of grey creates a harmonious and serene texture, exuding a quiet and elegant atmos-phere. Champagne gold accents are added to the grey lines between floors, revealing the most luxurious temperament through subtle contrasts. The entrance space on the first floor is complemented by a hand-forged surface imitating bronze brass metal, adorned with champagne gold metal sculptures, and to enhance the entrance's sense of nobility. The overall building, combined with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, pre-sents the simplicity, elegance, nobility, and delicacy of contemporary architecture.
C Product Design — Ultimate Residential Products.
The entire project features only two types of unit layout: 269 m2 and 387 m2. Dozens of adjustments were made in the floor plan design, and extensive research and interviews with customers were conducted, aiming to accommodate all the wishes and dreams of clients for their living spaces.
C1 Distinguished Private Experience: Independent and quiet architectural spaces provide the greatest freedom in life, offering residents a comfortable homecoming experience: a private elevator lobby, welcoming the return home in a space exclusively designed for in-dividual enjoyment. Stepping out of the elevator is entering one's private territory, where the warmth of home envelops, as if the elevator were tailored for one person, providing an exclusive sense of luxury and privacy.
C2 Luxury Hotel-style Service: Hotel-style services interpret elegant living, enhancing a comforting homecoming experience with a sense of ceremony that showcases the infinite respect for residents. Clubhouse and high standard management team offering professional services maintain a high-end quality of life for homeowners.
D Benchmarking World-Class Architecture:
Treasurable Mansion shares similarities with benchmark projects such as 111 West 57th Street in New York and One Hyde Park in London. Like these benchmark projects, Yi Treasurable Mansion showcases a commitment to prime locations, outstanding service fa-cilities, innovative unit designs that prioritize privacy and individual experiences, and a facade design characterized by modern simplicity and refined elegance. They share a common focus on the quintessential elements of contemporary architecture, presenting a combination of simplicity, elegance, nobility, and precision.
E Lobby Design Style (Architectural Style, Color and Material, Detailed Rendering).
E1 North Lobby: The 6.1-meter double-height lobby is divided into two volumes, with the ground floor using stone and stainless steel panels to interpret the traditional symbols with a modern touch. The second floor incorporates stone and printed ultra-clear glass, show-casing a luxurious texture and elegant ambiance.
E2 South Lobby: Inspired by a blend of modern whimsy and traditional charm, the South Lobby delves into the essence of traditional cultural elements. This design seamlessly merges delicate and modern super-long metal eaves (extending up to 30 meters at the far end), showcasing the grand and noble atmosphere of the mansion gate. The butler-style homecoming reception is thoughtfully integrated into daily life, creating a harmonious and functional space.


VAAS is a large design firm with a mission to achieve ultimate quality in architecture, providing clients with highly reliable and integrated professional services. At the beginning of the new millennium, the core team of the company initiated operations. With the thriving development of the Chinese real estate industry, after more than two decades of effort, the company has evolved from a small team of around ten individuals to a comprehensive design organization with a strong workforce, including 150 employees, 23 registered architects, and 12 senior engineers. In early 2022, the company successfully obtained the Class A design qualification in the field of architecture (construction engineering) and adopted a new company name: VAAS ( VAAS Architects Co., Ltd. ), marking the commencement of a new phase in the company's development.
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