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Transparent Heart
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Silk culture is both a witness of China’s stepping into the world stage and a catalyst for ancient Eastern and Western large scale commercial communication. “Transparent Heart” is a silk quilt based on the concept of “fashionable Chinese style”, aiming to convey the profundity of Chinese intangible cultural heritage and carry forward the spirit of the Silk Road by the modern technique. Among all the silks, Hu silk is the best. Featured by the eight characters, namely white, round, resilience, uniformity, softness, cleanness, fineness and solidness, it is acclaimed as “the queen of fibers”. By degreasing and degumming the silk through a scientific and reasonable golden ratio, the fluffiness and softness of the silk quilt have been increased, making its core less likely to be hardened, and extending its service life.

The whole quilt is made of transparent tulle (a kind of silk chiffon, made of 100% mulberry silk), dupioni (made of 100% mulberry silk) and silk jacquard fabric (made of mulberry satin, woven by interweaving warp and weft yarns to form patterns or designs, made of 100% mulberry silk). Compared with artificial fibers, silk is carbon neutral in the production process with its natural fiber properties. It can be reused in the sustainable value chain, and is 100% recyclable and degradable after use, which will eventually realize the sustainable development philosophy of “Come from nature, get back to nature”.

As the traditional silk quilt covers are made of cotton or polyester fibers, the user cannot directly see the filling fibers inside, which leads to the uneven quality of China's silk quilt market and the frequent occurrence of substandard quality. The product's cover is interwoven with plain weave, reducing the density of warp and weft. The effect of thinness, transparency and softness is achieved, which allows users to directly observe the inner filling, thus protecting their rights while echoing the name "Transparent Heart".

At the same time, its silk jacquard fabric is designed with a water ripple texture with elements of Jiangnan water village (south of the Yangtze River in China) by the weaving process of satin, while its inner pocket is patterned with the Feine Seide technique (a traditional Chinese complex hand-weaving technique) and finally realizes the visual effect of presenting three techniques with one raw material, giving a modern connotation to the traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage.

In terms of function, the silk quilt has excellent fluffiness, softness and breathability, and can release a variety of sleep-aiding factors to improve sleep quality, protect skin, suitable for users of all ages, achieving a high degree of unity between beauty and functionality.


Founded in 2009, Huzhou Silkueen Silk Quilt Co., Ltd, a home textiles brand company mainly producing silk quilts and matched household items, is a subsidiary of Mizuda Group Co,. Ltd, one of China’s top 500 private firms. The products—gift silk quilts positioned at “Fashionable Chinese Style” have extended the denotation and the connotation of silk quilts. In the early operating stages of brand inception, Silkueen has swept the country by combining the physical stores and gift channels. By the advertisements on Zhejiang and Dongfang two TV channels, its products have been widely sold across the regions of Yangtze River Delta (Suzhou, Zhejiang and Shanghai) and Pearl River Delta (South-central Guangdong). Thereafter, stores were springing up in the adjoining cities. For that matter, Silkueen has been awarded as “Huzhou famous trademark”, “Huzhou famous-brand products”, “Huzhou tourism commodity production demonstration base”, “Zhejiang Province brand chain network construction pilot enterprises”, “Zhejiang Province top 10 silk quilt brands” and “The brand of Public Service System Project of Cocoon Silk Office, Chinese Ministry of Commerce”. Furthermore, Silkueen has successfully obtained 15 national patents involving silk quilts utility models and designs.