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Thousand paper cranes House
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This is a private house located in the countryside of western China. The owner commissioned us to rebuild it as a way to express her appreciation that she has for growing up in this beautiful hometown. How to express this emotion through architecture? For a long time, most of the rural built dwellings are mainly a place of eating and sleeping, ignoring the relationship with the regional environment and monumentality in architecture. In China, anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted their most desired wish and love. So we decided to apply the concept of a thousand paper cranes for hometown into architecture design. We tried to deconstruct the folding method of it and reconstruct its concrete form into the language of architectural design step by step, forming our design and realizing the unique demands of the owner. While realizing the commemoration of the building, we also created wonderful home life scene. The feature of this project is to return to nature, through natural landscape and artificial landscape, so that every corner of the interior can have a natural view, intimate dialogue with nature.
First, we arranged the living space along the south side, having the best views of the countryside with French window, responding the relationship between the building and the environment. Secondly, each functional room has a balcony where you can get in touch with nature and breathe the freshest pastoral air. Finally, we made full use of the roof terrace, where the family members sometimes have BBQ, and sometimes lie here to watch the bright stars. Every corner of the building is endowed with unique life memories. The form of the building and the space are revolutionary explorations.
In terms of project construction, architect takes the lead on both the design and construction management phases of the project. The structure of the project is concrete frame structure, which facilitates the shaping of geometric forms. The wonderful geometric shape is made of white stone and light steel keel. Under the mode of architecture-led design build, we have the expertise and knowledge necessary to create a high-quality design and bring our architectural vision to life, which meets the project owner's expectations.
The unique architectural shape and spatial design also subverts people's understanding of traditional Chinese rural houses. There are three major innovations in this project: the concept of rural houses, the method of space design, and the mode of construction management. Through these innovative measures,, we hope to bring more innovation to the unenlightened architectural aesthetics of Chinese villages .We posted the project on Douyin, the largest self-media platform in China. Within three days, the number of views exceeded 700,000, and it aroused a wide discussion.
The project will be very sustainable. As the Chinese government puts forward the national strategy of rural revitalization, more and more Chinese people will returned to the villages to build houses in rural areas in the future, which will present architects with high-quality project opportunities and economic benefits.

Agency:GrandZ Build Architectural Office (Chongqing) Co., LTD

GrandZ Build was Established in 2022, and it focuses on rural construction, building renovation, and so on. It is committed to providing top-notch architectural creativity and engineering management to individual investors, helping them solve various pain points in the design, material selection, and construction process. The founder of the company has a dual educational background in architecture and business school, and has over a decade of rich experience. They try to explore a balance between customer needs, forward-looking design concepts, and commercialization, providing individual investors with high-quality services.