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The owner is two extremely pursuit of taste of young people, have a pair of lovely children. As the garment industry practitioners, their aesthetic standards and the pursuit of details can be seen. [Original family] 1. Advantages: the original house type is overall square, with bright kitchen and open toilet, and the four bedrooms are separated from the living room and all facing south, with clear movement. 2. Disadvantages: although there are four bedrooms, but each area is small, and the storage space is insufficient. In particular, a large number of clothes are not enough to store. [Optimized house type]: 1. Change four bedrooms to three bedrooms: split the bedroom on the right side in the middle, one part to the bedroom on the middle and left side, and the other part to the master bedroom as a cloakroom. 2. Enhance the concealment of the quiet area: set up an invisible door between the living room and the bedroom to meet the owners' needs for privacy. 3. Open up the small kitchen balcony and change it into a laundry home administration area. 4. Change the main guard line, and complete the arrangement of double sink and oval large bathtub. 5. The balcony is incorporated into the living room, and the living room activity area is larger, suitable for many child families.

Designer: LongQiQiu

Co-founder of Cat House Enterprise, graduated from the Department of Traditional Chinese Painting of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, has been engaged in design teaching in colleges and universities for more than ten years, and has more than ten years of experience in interior design.