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Agency:Wuhan Explore Originality Design Engineering Co., LTD(EOD)

The original is our original intention and expectation for the design.
Pioneering is the source of creativity and the source of motivation to continuously inspire design inspiration. We reshape the old things, combine the trajectory of its culture and the pace of changes in the times, retain its essence, remove its dross, continue to explore new things, and through reorganization, make it produce brand-new value. The change of design ideology is the process of the transformation of people's way of thinking. It evolves with the space in which things exist. It can be time, environment, and people. How to regenerate things is the process of designing from scratch. Everything has both sides of self. It is the existence of contradictions. The shackles of each other are broken again, showing people a new perspective to solve problems. As a new force in the field of interiors and architecture, we uphold the essence of design and think for the coexistence of things.