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The Riddle In Boxes
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As the first home furnishing display store in Ningbo, BANMEI is located in the Youbang Home Furnishing Mall on Metro Road, Ningbo. In order to homogenize the aesthetics of popular culture and harvest many young customers, this project hopes to give business enlightenment: use spatial color and texture to awaken silent young people, dare to chase dreams, and value their inner world. With the completion of the store space, the entry point of our design has changed from shaping the urban petty bourgeoisie trend culture space to how to perfectly fit the brand characteristics and space aesthetics, and how to construct a composite space for shopping and social display. Taking into account the aesthetic orientation and lifestyle of the consumers in the project location, the space is set up with "boxes" to echo the contradictions and the ever-changing modern aesthetics. With [Box] as the design language, the space technique is simply returned to form the senses.

In the geometric space of the entrance, the red box on the ceiling creates a unique and tense mood in the space. The colors are filled with the contrast tone of red and black. Red is passion and explosion, and black is calm and restrained. Sensual blood grows in a rational enclosure, and the two colors are also balanced in the confrontation. Become the existence of vision and art. In this design concept, the device box is symbolized and enlarged to form a strong spatial memory point. By describing the potential relationship between the different sizes and different colors of the objective existence and the spiritual level, it tries to show the imagination of the whole and the individual, the macro and the small taste.

The installation box is made of red steel plate as the main material. Through the change of space and color, golden glossy box, mirror stainless steel box, and white paint box are used in other spaces, which run through the entire space to express different emotions. It can also be understood as a kind of Conflict and confrontation. The indoor wall ceilings use the most traditional paint and building materials system. The artistic texture paint constitutes a complete space surface. The floor material is cured cement, the color is uniform, black and white, and it looks thick and heavy, and is used for the homogenization of the space. For the furniture display space, it is enough to cope with the needs of adjusting and changing furniture color at any time, so as to adapt to the changes of various colors, textures and styles. It can be understood as an echo to the overall environment.

Spatial Form 1-Collection
Design is more about "how to provide customers with a sense of design and fashion attributes under the premise of cost-saving, and at the same time integrate a space with a sense of functional experience." The overall space integrates the different interfaces of the box, and gives the space a completely new visual sensory experience with simple geometric transformation techniques.

Spatial form 2-decomposition
The designer hopes that it can be extended as a metaphor, alluding to the variability of fashion trends and the effect of internet celebrity, rather than just a single point of view. The avant-garde box shape is the carrier, and creative thinking is carried out from the color. On the one hand, the red box installation with bright tones, like a red hard core wrapped around the outside, is firm and passionate, to interpret the passion for the trend. On the other hand, it focuses on the core significance of vitality as a carrier for its creation, and extends the exploration of the way commercial space is perceived by people-more spiritual core and avant-garde concepts.

Spatial Form 3-Disorder
The randomly established form is organized by precise logic and a complete sequence appears. Parallel juxtaposition and vertical staggering, different levels connect inside and outside. As a connecting body between spaces, it acts as an intermediary of spatial elements in the disorderly shape. The formation of space creation penetration corresponds to the randomness and order in the exhibition hall. Between disorder and order is a game of creative instinct and technique.

Space Form 4-Freedom
From the consumer's point of view, the most interesting point of the space is that the geometric box is not only a complete display of the space as a whole, but also divided into several independent parts. The project makes the whole space more dynamic and creative through the change of furniture. More dynamic and changing ways of moving lines. The space function also has strong variability. The design is considered from the functional level. The LED light film is embedded in the wall and combined with the slide operation. In a sufficiently wide activity area, it can satisfy sharing events and trend parties, making the space not limited to shopping and display space, but also a diverse social space.

The change of emotions in different spaces is a very moving thing, it is related to the way of thinking, behavior pattern and sensory experience. We all hope to use space to convey rich, diversified and infinite possibilities. Due to the internal location environment of the project, it is the passage leading to the public toilet. The exterior facade combines white artistic paint material to construct the main body into a white minimalist volume, with transparent glass bricks to form a relatively independent unit. At the same time, the interest between the blocks is increased, and a certain echoing relationship and clear rhythm are formed between each other, and a relationship with embedded links is set up with the site to construct a holistic dialogue.
The external facade of the space continues the ingenuity that the aisle designer has added to the two box walls of the works, that is, it echoes the red box at the entrance in terms of art and element themes, and extends new changes, truly shaping the external brand display into one complete theme.

Designer: Phoenix Shi

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August · Blue Whale
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Blue whale in August is an art work created by an art designer for the hotel lobby. In the way of programming parameters, simulate the volume and swimming dynamics of the 8-month-old blue whale, integrate the texture of marine coral and stars mapped in the sky, and carry out accurate parametric coding construction.


Blue whale is the largest animal in the world. Its huge body swims freely in the vast sea. Blue whales generally live to be 50 or even 100 years old. Its life span is very similar to that of human beings. Blue whales are about 7 meters old and about 15 meters long when they are eight months old. "Eight months old", the designer believes that it is just like the human eight month old baby period, which is the transition period from baby to child. It is the most beautiful season to start learning various skills independently. Through the research on the shape of blue whale and coral texture, we can see the stars and sea through its body. So as to create a close experience between people and whales and call attention to the mysterious marine ecology.


Function programming to generate polygons freely and disorderly; Edit the dynamic curve to generate the undulating structure of high and low inertia; Coding, each face is unique and connected with each other. Construction of parameter module, idea perception and process mechanics.

Designer: Yuefei Zheng

With the parametric design, it explores the perception of human and emotions, the experience of space and walking, and the interpretation of nature and parameters. With refined parametric modal logic, it has reconstructed the reading mode between humans and space.

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Yunsuo-guangzhou VIFA Home Experience Store
Designer / Agency
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Yunsuo|Every measure is measured in mind
The living of Chinese aesthetics reflects the moderation of Chinese tradition, nourishes from the return of culture and seeks the balance of life.
Break traditional rhythm, establish contemporary space context.
The design of the lobby takes advantage of the scale of the space. Through the division of the block surface, the superimposed embedded light belt constitutes the internal device of the ceiling, which is the key to reflect and break the rhythm of the space. The ground reflects the overall shape of the ceiling, blurring the boundary of the space, and fully shows the sense of the future time and space technology.

The space is wide open, and the life scenes match because of superposition.
Between experience type example, reshaped complete life scene, guest dining-room and Chinese and western hutch come into being in one stroke, reduced the communication obstacle that dimensional partition brings, watch film recreational, cooking repast, study work also can gather together here, lie between and ceaseless, place and not touch, vision is open and stretch.

The space is wide open, and the life scenes match because of superposition.
Between experience type example, reshaped complete life scene, guest dining-room and Chinese and western hutch come into being in one stroke, reduced the communication obstacle that dimensional partition brings, watch film recreational, cooking repast, study work also can gather together here, lie between and ceaseless, place and not touch, vision is open and stretch.
When hidden to the extreme, show that no trace.
Porch is in a secret door the clamour after entering the door is brushed clean smooth, hide the dress shoe Tibet inside secret door is accepted place, perfect the continuance of the space, it is "not oneself is big, reason can become its big". And another kind hides, it is the space is powerful receive a sex, trifling in the life and mixed and disorderly be able to hide, all show beautiful.

The energy of light, exploring images in the presence and absence.
The excellent light design of private house is the strength that can support inner quiet. The intelligent lighting system is used to adjust the spatial order in the mode of point, line and plane, and construct the narrative language of light, interpreting the philosophical spirit of "what is good is good, what is not good is good".
In a limited scale, access inside and outside.
Blurring the boundary of space is the essence of "penetrating each other". Luminous ceiling and be born glass apply, it is the fuzzy form that uses physics, ask natural element to enter indoor practice, realized already relative isolated, the recessive expression that depends on each other with the person again.
One side of the world, closed door is retreat, home is not only living, but also the expression of self. Abstract and expression, hiding and revealing are all techniques. We aim to capture poetry in the movement and movement of space, enjoy the gift of nature and the truth of family emotion, and pick up warmth, freedom and tranquility.


Weiguan Design was founded by Mr. Chen Weiqun in 2013. Located in the core area of CBD of Pearl River New Town, weiguan Design focuses on private house design, commercial design and exhibition space design, construction, and product customization.

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Huayu – plastic · space
Designer / Agency
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When it comes to grasping the overall style and atmosphere, designers must have rich experience and profound professional background. The cultivation of appreciation, wildness and art is not achieved overnight. 2. It is simple and plain in vision, but straight to the heart in temperament, which makes people have endless aftertaste. The appropriate design does not give consideration to one and lose the other. The space presents the tonality of combining hardness and softness, which is rare to be interesting in its order and poetic in rationality. 3. Vitality is the real meaning of aesthetics. If the structure is a proposition, you don't try to change it. All you have to do is solve the problem and find the most appropriate answer. 4. Simple, full of infinite possibilities. If the space is too full, it will stifle the imagination and the possibility of space. When all colors lose their charm, only white can unify all scattered ideas and cover all unstable subjective and objective factors. 5. Freedom needs to be balanced. Designers choose to balance the relationship of freedom with silence. The white of minimalism not only hides the richest emotions, but also indicates the infinite expansion of space and omnipotent inclusiveness. White is not only a color, but also the best medium for the integration of light and shadow, emptiness and reality.

Designer: Zhisong Zhen

Founder of Fuzhou people-oriented decoration design
Member of China Interior Decoration Association
Vice president of Fujian interior decoration Association
Elite task of interior decoration design in Fujian Province

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Interior design of the exhibition hall of Sichuan Neijiang Xianghemao Enterprise
Designer / Agency
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Xianghemao is a textile enterprise certified by the European Union. It has a very healthy development and high-quality products in the medical, military and civilian markets.This time,I hope to build a brand exhibition hall for the company on the first floor of the new corporate building.

The whole project starts from returning to nature and exploring the future lifestyle thinking,starting from the prototype of cloth and textile,connecting the top surface,the facade and the ground through a curved structure,not only from the shape,but also from the bottom logic,the spatial emotion is continuously penetrated into The whole building constructs a healing system and immersive scene experience,analyzes the philosophy of the relationship between the environment and the future architecture,and also leads the brand to a creative and sustainable evolution.

There is a magnificent and beautiful narrative in the space.The space intersects with curved blocks and integrates with nature.The fluidity and sense of order of lines enrich the spatial hierarchy,presenting a strong rhythmic beauty visually.

Through the open "squares" and "space-time corridors",exhibition scenes and movement lines are set for medical and civilian products in different fields. The circular wandering line has a high dimension and the line of sight facing each other.It creates an interesting roaming experience.

Designer: Ziyuan Xie

In 2008,graduated from the Fine Arts Department of Leshan Normal University.(Sketches and sketches were published in Contemporary Art).In the same year to Shanghai for further study and work.
In 2012,entered Jinbei Decoration,a subsidiary of Jinbei Group,responsible for the interior design part,and participated in the Leshan District and Emei Qiliping projects.
In 2013,participated in Leshan Panlong Kaiyuan Mingdu Five-star Hotel Project (Party A's bid section engineer).
In 2015,founded Qingmo Guanshe Design Office (STUDIO.POVA).
In 2016,Foshan Qingmo Guanshe Branch was established.Joined MD Design Center as a design director.In the same year,GMDA Design Alliance was established.
In 2019,established the Saiken Architectural Design Research Office (SKDA.A.LAB won the award.
2017 "Esher Award" Design Summit Hotel Space Design Excellent Work Award
2017 "Asher Award" Design Summit Public Architecture Design Work Prize
Living Award-2019 China (City) Top Ten Space Designers
Silver Medal in the 15th "Huading Award" National Design Competition
The 7th China CBDA Design Award Senior designer in the decoration industry
2020M+ Chengdu Outstanding Young Designer
2020 Golden Living Award China (Leshan) Top Ten Space Designers
2020 40UNDER40 China (Sichuan) Outstanding Young Designer
2021 IAI Global Design Award (Interior Award) — IAI Hotel Space Bronze Award
2021 International Space Design Award — Idea-Tops Commercial Space
2021G+AWARDS Leshan Neijiang Zigong District TOP10
The 11th China International Space Design Competition Hotel Space Engineering Category-Silver Award
2021 Chengyu Twin City Design Exhibition Ginkgo Golden Bird Award
2021 40UNDER40 China (Sichuan) Outstanding Young Designer
2021 GRP China-Italy International Design Golden Finger Award Winner

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Yanlord Taicang Science and Education New Town Exhibition Center
Designer / Agency
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The project is located in the center of the intersection of Taicang, Jiading and Kunshan.
Design vision: combine the power transmission of the future city with intelligent networked vehicles, 3D printing materials, aerospace product positioning and intelligent, scientific, technological and modern design concepts to create an interactive intelligent office space.
Starting from the "immersive experience", the design takes light and shadow as the point, water system as the line and architecture as the surface. Through the jumping point shape, the flowing lines are integrated with the architectural structure. In the transformation, extension, collision and integration of points, lines and surfaces, square and circle, straight and curve, we explore the future living concept, and strive to build an ideal "future science and technology city".


Since its founding in 2016, ROO DESIGN has been working on the interior DESIGN of branded hotels, high-end commercial real estate and public Spaces. With dedicated service awareness and passion for design and creation, our team has been highly recognized by many hotel brand management companies. Through innovative ideas and constant exploration, we combine the high quality construction and attention to detail brought by architecture and interior design. Carefully built an international team of elite designers. Formed a unique creative style and won the broad recognition of customers.
Under the brand is set up Hong Kong rui shang design consulting co., LTD., rui he decoration design (Shanghai) co., LTD.
ROO DESIGN has built up a wealth of design experience in many fields of commercial real estate, tourism real estate, residential real estate. ROO DESIGN provides an innovative design concept, standardized management and excellent service processes for the core services to high-end interior design solutions to customers around the world. Our firm combines a detailed knowledge of design with a depth of experience that enables us to identify interior design trends at the source, make definitive predictions about new directions and innovations in the interior design industry, and influence design standards at a global level. ROO DESIGN will continue to make great efforts for the international development of the hospitality design field in China.

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Designer / Agency
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This project is an exhibition hall selling stone products and rock plate products.
Most of the sales channels are recommended by upstream companies or individuals, and most of the sales objects are medium and high-quality consumer groups. We are committed to building a brand and team with excellent products, technology and service.
The project is located in the narrow space inside the mall and sandwiched between the two shops. The facade scale is not open enough. The visual surface is also divided into two by the aisle and another booth. Fortunately, it is close to the exit of escalator and straight body.

The entrance is the exhibition area of lime stone products and processes. Stepping step by step through the narrow channel, looking at the lime stone carvings on the wall and passing through the aisle, the eyes suddenly open and the main exhibition hall area comes into view.
Behind the revolving staircase is the water bar area, which is not only the combined display of rock plate and functional products, but also the operation area serving the whole exhibition hall, but also a high seat communication area.

In front of the revolving staircase is the sofa area, which is the exhibition board area of the rock board. It also shoulders the function of salon assembly, learning and training.
Cross the sofa area to the fan-shaped gem display area. Continue to follow the direction of the luminous River on the ground to the stone exhibition area. The stone exhibition board area is also the most professional reporting area. The whole stone exhibition area is surrounded by small samples of products like art on the wall.
The two independent spaces are tea area (privacy communication area) and staff office area, which are more closed than the outside world. The staff area is close to the reporting area, which is also convenient for designers to access and report.

Stone and rock slab give people the impression that they are mostly strong, thick and cold. Therefore, it is necessary to use transparent materials in space to break the dull feeling. I will solve this problem from two aspects. First, the product itself uses some transparent products (quartz stones) to brighten the space and increase the richness of the product. Second, the combination of artistic glass and light not only separates the space, but also makes the space more flexible.
Softening space is the second problem we need to solve. We also start from two aspects. First, the product itself, the use of lime stone and block stone not only makes the stone a little more temperature, but also provides more sales possibilities. Second, a large number of plants are used to set off each other with lime stone and block stone to play the role of softening space, close to nature and enhance interest.

We have changed the single function of the previous exhibition hall. Each exhibition space is a communication space in different ways. Each space can let consumers sit down and feel. The products are surrounded around, so that they can not only see the products, but also deeply read the products, which improves the frequency of salespeople playing their professional side. To sum up, the exhibition hall will be more exhibition, sharing and professional. Only when the sense of experience is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people will there be more possibilities of transaction.

Designer: Fanfeng Meng

Founder and creative director of WE YOUNG Design
Founder of Confucius boutique hotel management company
Master of interior design, Chelsea School of design, University of London, UK
Work in the fields of architectural planning and design, interior space design, environmental design, graphic design, product design and soft decoration design. From 2005 to 2007, he studied space design at Chelsea School of design, London University of the Arts (UAL) and obtained a master's degree in space design.
In 2006, his team accepted the invitation of the queen of England to decorate Buckingham Palace for Christmas
In 2011, he won the offer of MA in space and lighting design of the Royal College of art
In February of the same year, he won the offer of space and media PhD of the University of Art London
Outstanding person award of "Jintang award decade" in 2020
In 2020, "China's urban design business card" will be exhibited on behalf of Nanjing
2020 French "double faced God International Award" Retail Innovation Award
2020 "Jintang Award" outstanding commercial retail space
2020 "Jintang Award" outstanding commercial residential space
2020 Guangzhou Design Week "red cotton Award" most beautiful, elegant and luxurious villa Award
In 2020, Britain's "Andrew Martin Award" was selected as the world's 100 designers
2019 French "double faced God International Award" Hotel Innovation Award
2019 French "double face God International Award" office Silver Award
2019 "Jintang Award" outstanding commercial retail space
2019 "Dajin beautiful house Award" villa space Gold Award
2019 "outstanding designer of the year of wad world young designers conference"
2019 Guangzhou Design Week "red cotton Award" most beautiful, elegant and luxurious villa Award
2019 "golden residence Award" China's top ten living space designers
2018 "Reka International Design Award" office space Gold Award
2018 "Reka International Design Award" hotel space Silver Award
2018 "Reka International Design Award" Silver Award for retail space
2018 "Reka International Design Award" Silver Award for residential space
2018 French "double face God International Award" Hotel Silver Award
2018 French "double face God International Award" retail innovative design award
The most beautiful, elegant and luxurious villa award of the "red cotton Award" of Guangzhou Design Week in 2018
2018 "aiding Award" Hotel Award
2018 "Jintang Award" excellent commercial retail space
2018 "Jintang Award" excellent office design space
2018 "Golden Bund" excellent office space Award
Excellent interior design award of "China real estate design award" in 2018
Two works of 2017 "Jintang Award" excellent commercial retail space
2017 "Jintang Award" excellent hotel design space
2016 "Dajin beautiful house Award" is the only Gold Award for villa space design in China
Best commercial design award of "Golden Bund Award" in 2016
2016 "Jintang Award" excellent villa space design award
2016 "Jintang Award" excellent retail space design award
The most original villa designer in China in 2016
2016 "aiding Award" excellent villa space design award
2015 "Jintang Award" excellent villa space design award
Finalist of "Aite Award" excellent villa space design in 2015
2014 "Jintang Award" excellent residential space design award
2014 "Aite Award" best villa space design award
2013 "Jintang Award" excellent villa space design award

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Nirvana Fire Stone Exhibition Hall
Designer / Agency
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Stone is one of the most fluid materials in nature. People's exploration of stone has never stopped.
The project is located in Xiyingmen, Fuzhou. This is the second time that we have accepted Sidney's entrustment. We and the owner hope to create a stone exhibition hall with a sense of future through this design, break everyone's stereotype of stone, weaken commercial aggression, and give more possibilities to the stone exhibition hall.

On the facade of the exhibition hall, we use a large area of Sidney 817u transparent ultra-thin stone, which looks like volcanic lava under the reflection of light, opening a window for exploration. The black coarse texture of carbonized wood is in contrast with the gorgeous luminous stones, and the dazzling treasures hidden in the unknown universe are gradually exposed. People move with the moving line and form a story of space with the facade modeling.
At this point, the designer enters the planet along the entrance. The designer uses a large streamline to collide metal and stone. The stone is like a treasure floating on the Milky way, which also plays a guiding role for treasure seekers to explore xdn planet. A strong sense of depth not only brings mobility and flexibility, but also shows the value of the brand in an all-round way. Shuttling through the galaxy, every stone is within reach to provide customers with a better user experience.

The model exhibition area is more like an interesting laboratory. Different natural marble looks dazzling in the open space. The designer uses adjustable light soft film to show the most real beauty of stone under different lighting conditions. The space is not limited to displaying products, but also takes into account the functions of sales, negotiation and office. It is more fully integrated in the visual shaping and the allocation of functional space resources, and the interactive relationship between man and nature is more progressive, which imperceptibly promotes people's behavior and connects the spatial accident clues more closely.
On the ground, yellow stone and black stone are selected. The color collision of black gold and radioactive collage patterns form a strong visual impact, which makes people naturally focus on the large board display area. In order to ensure the integrity of the space and take into account the exhibition demand of the exhibition hall for products, the designer did not directly expose the products to the line of sight. When the dream curtain slowly retracted to both sides, finally, the mysterious veil was gradually lifted.

The diamond stone that seems to fall at the ceiling gives people a consistent and unique sense of experience, allows visitors to appreciate the charm of marble itself, and makes people interact with products at the same time.
The soft decoration in the space uses a large number of metals to collide the hard metal with the warm stone, which makes the space diffuse a delicate sense of science and technology. The special-shaped and flexible soft decoration presents unpredictable freedom.

Designer: Zhenjie Li

Fujian panzhou Design Consulting Co., Ltd
Design Director / founder
2021 "Chinese design leaders list" 100 outstanding design figures
2021 American amp Architecture Master Award - villa space Honor Award
2020 American amp Architecture Master Award - exhibition space category award
2020 London Design Awards Silver Award

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Sleep Museum, China
Designer / Agency
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The Sleep Museum tries to answer questions like what is good sleep, how to sleep well and how to reacquire good physical and psychological conditions. It offers the audience the wisdom of keeping harmony between man and nature, which originated from traditional Chinese culture and inspired the walk-in scene Sleep Comfortably by Streams in the Forest.


Sleep Comfortably by Streams in the Forest

1.Space reconstruction and cultural environment creation. The room in the factory, with a floor height of 24 metres, was turned into a cultural space with oriental styles. The reconstruction successfully connects the space inside and outside the painting.
2.Precise measurement. The bearing capacity was carefully measured in order to keep the audience and the car park safe.
3.Extensive space. The scene makes use of the 13.5 metres sight distance to combine the 3D scenery and 2D images.
4.Maximum usage. The space behind the scene was skillfully used as an exhibition space.

The Sleep Museum mainly includes the entrance room with the scene of Sleep Comfortably by Streams in the Forest, the hall of The Science of Sleep, the hall of The Sleep Culture and the hall of Heye the Company. These halls are designed with, including but not limited to, the ideas and principles mentioned above. Combined with elements of art and science, the museum provides knowledge of health with Eastern wisdom and Western Science through the communication between the past and the present. To expand accessibility, the walk-in scene, immersive spaces and elegantly designed panels are used to present information on healthy sleep, making the museum popular among young people. Today, the museum has been considered a must-see destination. We are glad that our attempt is successful.

Agency: Hangzhou Zhengye Inetrior Design Co., Ltd.

Zhengye Creative Agency was founded in 1988 and has been dedicated to museum exhibition design for over 30 years. We work for a wide range of clients from all over China. Our projects explore the past, present and future, looking into the history and culture of China. With over 200 projects, our work has been honoured with major awards for exhibition design: ten times the Excellence Award for Top 10 Exhibitions of the Year in China, nine times the Individual Award for Top 10 Exhibitions of the Year in China, over twenty times national awards and two times international awards in the area.
We aim to promote the development of museums in China by putting localizing international theories and seeking better public communication methods at the core. For decades, the firm has formed an academic working environment through studies of history, literature, art and technologies.
Our team is diverse and interdisciplinary. We draw together historians, writers, designers, artists, media-makers, technologists and engineers to provide professional works that integrate complex themes and ideas.
We cooperate with a number of academic institutions, such as Fudan University, China Academy of Art, Jiangnan University, Jilin University and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. By working together, we support teaching and studies on campus, providing training and internship for students of museum studies, design and art. Moreover, we keep in touch with many design institutes in Europe and America and have established long-term partnerships with the best exhibition design companies, like the Nomura Co., Ltd., around the world.
Based on rigorous studies, we pursue mindful connections, innovations and progress.
We are committed to providing the public with cultural products of great value.

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Shanghai Longchuang Elevator City Image Exhibition Hall
Designer / Agency
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The owner of the project is a household elevator company that focuses on creating a home space environment and providing customers with solutions and technical services for household elevator lifting equipment systems. It includes Aritco Screw Elevator, Vitarte Elevator, Youbu Home Elevator and Handicare Seat Elevator.It is committed to bringing more quality household elevators to Chinese users.
The project is located in Shanghai Hongqiao Zhanhui (Portmix), near Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Designed by Kengo Kuma Architecture and Urban Design, the concept of the park is that the square box office space in the "comfort zone" of the site is loosely unified by a "house".

When we first came to the park, the friendly and comfortable working environment made us feel warm and cordial, and we hoped that the design process would break the inherent pattern of typical commercial offices, just like the design concept of the building.
The owner's appeal not only meets the use of office functions, but also takes into account the combination of some office and display functions. The exhibition hall area will be built into three exhibition spaces with their own characteristics, which will have flexible and variable functions in future use.

When we first came to the park, the friendly and comfortable working environment made us feel warm and cordial, and we hoped that the design process would break the inherent pattern of typical commercial offices, just like the design concept of the building.
The owner's appeal not only meets the use of office functions, but also takes into account the combination of some office and display functions. The exhibition hall area will be built into three exhibition spaces with their own characteristics, which will have flexible and variable functions in future use.

In a conventional office, the setting of the front desk in the hall always creates a clear boundary between the office area and the public area, so there is no front desk in the space, but a large amount of blank space is reserved at the entrance, which forms a natural transition through the height difference of the steps and the guidance of linear light. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the top, we hide the air conditioning outlets around the top shape.Conceal messy equipment ends with black stainless steel equipment straps.
The two functional spaces do not interfere with each other by using the enclosure of the suspended modeling wall of the entrance hall. In the office area, we hope to break the traditional sense of closed order and create a relatively free office environment as far as possible. Open office is also conducive to interaction and efficient collaboration among employees.

We divide the exhibition hall with different elements and materials. In the exhibition hall area, three elevators are set in a fixed space. Each block is coherent and does not restrict each other. The whole space reveals a modern and simple atmosphere. The suspended acrylic exhibition shelves and hollow walls increase the interest and visual effect of the space, creating a collection of office, exhibition and communication.In the shuttle of changing scenery step by step, the communication between people and space and products is completed.
In order to add more interest, in addition to the black, white and gray background, a touch of red is extracted from the color composition to jump out of the space, and a higher saturation is deliberately retained in the design to form the enclosure and interspersed changes of the space block. The combination of log materials in different spaces allows people to relax and enjoy the comfort of the environment freely.

The design of the meeting room is expected to break the convention, and the traditional use of meeting space is inefficient. The new conference room uses sliding doors to meet multi-scene applications, which is a multi-functional space that takes into account multi-person meetings, live events and sharing salons, and also has the best urban landscape vision.
For us, it is a basic requirement to complete the functional layout according to the needs of the owner. On this basis, with space as the medium, using the most refined design language to express the artistry of space is the direction we pursue. The whole work is full of rational beauty, without superfluous elements or superfluous decoration. It has injected a brand new image into the brand.It makes people's attention focus on product selection and new space experience.


SUKONG DESIGN is a cutting-edge space design company.
It is named "Su Kong", hoping to use "Su" to represent our humble heart and enterprising learning attitude. Emptiness is used to express a kind of thought, an aesthetic and a spiritual world outlook. This is also our core design philosophy, and the goal is to create first-class design.
We hope to integrate localized things into the world, devote ourselves to expressing the rhythm of space with concise and elegant design language, and give more expectations and surprises to space.
Our project practice covers a wide range of new retail space, new office, historical building renovation, customized housing, life aesthetics and other diverse types, aiming to bring together diverse thinking and explore the infinite possibilities of architectural and spatial design.
We are a group of dynamic, passionate and collaborative design team, looking forward to gathering more partners with common ideals, and striving to become one of the most influential cutting-edge design groups in contemporary China.