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The village rebirth with western sichuan culture
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This is the first cultural tourism resort in Sichuan with agricultural culture as the theme. Anchored in the quintessential Western Sichuan style exemplified by Dazengba Village in Qionglai, this design artfully fuses the aesthetics of traditional Chinese gardens with the natural setting of this region. This resort offers a mix of B&B accommodations, diverse artistic catering venues, and a children's art and creativity center, serving as a modern reinterpretation of Western Sichuan's architectural culture.
This site spans from northwest to southeast, with its landscape thoughtfully designed around nine key crops that are essential in farming culture. This project encompasses residential areas, lush forests, and fertile farmland. Its design refers to the famous Humble Administrator's Garden in Suzhou, while preserving the intrinsic spatial essence of this region. Central to this design is the ancient Chinese philosophy—Unity of Heaven and Mankind. Here, the natural landscape is seamlessly merged with the architectural characteristics, further enriched by an abundance of greenery to foster a symphony of nature and culture.
This design cleverly manipulates visual perception and spatial dynamics. The allure of natural surroundings is subtly invited inside to enhance visual richness, and the interior elements are thoughtfully arranged to create a lively interplay. Here, artistic flair is harmoniously intertwined with vibrant energy. These approaches foster an environment where each design aspect enhances the others. As visitors wander through the space, the scenery dynamically unfolds, offering an immersive experience.
From the grand layout to the finest detail, each aspect of this project pays homage to the traditional Chinese garden art and blends it with modern aesthetics. This synthesis makes the site not just an idyllic resort but also a perfect venue for visitors to deeply engage with and explore the richness of traditional Chinese culture and philosophy.
This project employs a holistic approach involving dismantling, refurbishing, and reconstructing. The roof architecture is influenced by traditional grey-tiled hanging hill roofs, with gabled or single-pitched curved variations to complement different structures. This method not just inherits but also innovates upon traditional architectural forms. Furthermore, the locally sourced materials such as rough stones, grey bricks, and logs ensure that the buildings aesthetically harmonize with the natural surroundings. As an integral part of the local culture, these distinctive buildings vividly narrate the uniqueness and allure of Western Sichuan culture to visitors.
The interior design merges traditional Western Sichuan culture with the contemporary demands of cultural tourism through deconstruction, aimed at both preserving and highlighting the essence of the regional culture, while infusing it with modern elegance. The cultural and creative hub is designed to immerse children in the unique regional culture, foster their creativity and imagination through education, and enhance family interactions. It also showcases the rich heritage and contemporary evolution of Western Sichuan culture, reinterpreting traditional culture in a fresh and vibrant manner.

Agency:YI Design Studio

YI Design Studio was founded by Chinese architect Yiting Guo. Its design style is based on the research and exploration of traditional Chinese history and culture. In the design creativity, most of them deconstruct the integration of traditional Chinese architectural culture and modern architectural technology with the regional critical concept of "local internationalization", break the regional boundaries, integrate eastern and western elements, and strive to pursue perfection in details and quality, so as to find the balance point between tradition and modernity. With more than 40 years of experience, he has many excellent case works in urban planning, architecture and interior design, and landscape design.