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The Truth of Life: Wuhan Wanda Cultural Tourism City
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Project Name: Wuhan Wanda Cultural Tourism City
Location: Wuhan, China
Design Company: Greed Lotus Design
Chief Designer: Liliang Shan, Li Dai
Assistant Designer: Yongtao Chen
Area: 3000 square meters
Cost: 20 million
Design Cycle: February 2021 - May 2021
Completion time: May 2021
Main Materials:
Client Name: Wuhan Wanda
Photographer: Wuhan Wanda
The great Chinese architect Wang Shu once regarded “the Tao way follows nature” as the humanistic ideal of Chinese architecture, that is, life can return to a natural and relaxed state, which is the sense of life and the most transcendent content in Chinese culture. People have been learning from nature in the communication with nature for thousands of years. Architecture ought to be a tool for showcasing nature and reflecting the vivacity and meaning of life in a transparent and authentic way.
The concept for the sales office comes from the original meaning of exploring for the design. The designer concentrates on how to abstract lines and the development orientation of modern material reduction nature. With construction technique to depict the life movement posture, the designer helps the building itself become a part of the evolution of life, which can touch people’s inner hearts as a mean of reflecting time and life.
As the poem written, whenever the roc flies into the sky, thousands of kilometers will be passed by. Roc can live for a long time, representing a true and lively life symbol. The designer takes the expression image of "lifting the wings and soaring into sky" as the expression image, showing us the scene of roc flying into sky with simple and accurate design language. In this way, a picture of soaring against the light is created when it matches with dark gold shining tones and echos with smooth lines and curved domes.
The essential element of the project's design is the flexible arc application, and the designer uniquely incorporates the design language and abstract artistic beauty into the design of this project. The design of the custom wood plate and grid based design show the power of roc to a great extent. In addition, the winding arc outlines the landscape of the sand box. The transparent temperament of glass and metal has the power to connect the ground with the dome. Additionally, the floating properties of the material and space eliminates the boundary between reality and virtuality, injecting the feeling of emptiness of sky into the space.
When roc falls, primordial world is created, thus everything comes into being. The vivid green areas and luxuriant plants, each of which is distinctive at different phases of its life cycle, reflecting the law of the succession of life at a logical level in the project. The moving lines of the conversation area connect the independent booths in a good way, which forms a splendid picture with the prosperous tropical plants. Furthermore, the designer uses the botanical garden construction technique for tropical plants to achieve the effect of varied scenes as we moving around. The wizardry of design eliminate the restriction of time and space, injecting endless energy into the space as a result.
Architecture should incorporate all natural elements, including mountains, streams, air, and even human existence. It is not just a combination of material and artificial elements. "Bringing nature inside" has become a challenge in residential space design due to the ongoing improvement of ecological habitat orientation. In this project, Wuhan Xinzhou Sales Office, the designer views space as a living organism, so that the architectural texture and the surrounding environment blend together. By delving into the inner workings of nature, it is possible to trace the posture of life's inception by taking advantage of the growth contour of space.

Designer: Liliang Shan

Name: Shan Liliang
Age: 42
Design concept: we design life and are also designed by life
2017 Won the Silver Award for Commercial Space in China International Space Design Competition (China Architectural Decoration Design Award)
2018 won the title of Asia Pacific Space Design Master of the Year
In 2018, it won the silver medal of China Architectural Decoration Golden Eagle Design Competition
2019-2020 won the award of Italian A 'Design Award
In 2019, won the gold medal of Asia Pacific Space Design Competition (real estate space category)
Won the Outstanding Award of Excellent Space Design Office Group in 2019
Won the Golden Hall Award for Excellent Office Space in 2020
Won the French DNA Paris Design Award in 2020
Won the gold medal of LONDON ESIGNAWARDS London Design Award in 2020
In 2020, it won the bronze prize of the 10th Space Aite Prize
Won the Outstanding Award of the 10th Space Competition in 2020
In 2020, he won the Double Silver Award of French Double sided God Design
Won the 2021 MUSE Design Award Platinum Award in 2021
Won the 2021 OPAL London Outstanding Real Estate Award in 2021
Won the 2021 Novum Design Award Gold Award in 2021
Won the 2022 MUSE Design Award Platinum Award in 2022