The Source of Blessings Meditation Retreat
Designer / Agency
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The Source of Blessings Meditation Retreat features distinct spaces for meditation, tea ceremonies, and nourishment, guiding customers on a comprehensive journey that melds spirituality and aesthetics. This design prioritizes creating an environment conducive to Zen meditation practices, enveloping customers in an immersive contemplative experience through a blend of modern craftsmanship, natural elements, and Eastern culture.
The overall space is dominated by a palette of black, gray, and white, emanating a simple yet elegant allure. This harmonious color scheme creates a refreshing and serene ambience, beneficial for meditation practices. The design further leverages contemporary techniques in multiple elements including the concrete material, the vertically textured veneers evoking a sense of philosophical contemplation, and the interspersed accents of coarse stone finishes, enriching both texture and depth of the entire space. Complementing these materials are natural elements like flowers and the gentle patterns of water ripples, all converging into a modern meditation space steeped in an Eastern essence. Each area of the space is distinctly defined, yet seamlessly transitions into the next, creating a harmonious flow throughout. A gracefully designed corridor bridge links the reception area to the functional areas. Drawing inspiration from the imagery portrayed by the poetic verse — "The descending clouds align with the solitary wild geese in flight, while the tranquil waters mirror the vastness of the sky in a unified hue" — the transition at the entrance features a curving design reminiscent of a swallow sweeping its wings in flight. This design element injects a vibrant energy into the tranquil setting, weaving together an atmosphere that melds tranquility with dynamic diversity. The primary spaces, dedicated to meditation and tea ceremonies, are imbued in Eastern essence, meticulously adorned with classic Chinese elements for a serene and profound aesthetic ambiance. The unique layout of the tea ceremony space allows individuals to reflect and relax over tea, and the meditation space provides a peaceful environment for deep introspection. Furthermore, the Zen dance space and reception area are decorated with modern design elements like sleek lines and mirrors, standing in harmony with traditional Chinese decor. This blend of modern and classic aesthetics strikes a harmonious balance between the past and present.
Overall, the Source of Blessings Meditation Retreat exemplifies a distinctive and organic fusion of meditation practices, tea ceremonies, and the philosophy of health preservation. The harmonious interplay of colors, materials, and decorative elements represents a confluence of traditional and contemporary styles, transforming this space into a sanctuary that offers both spiritual enlightenment and aesthetic pleasure. Whether customers are in search of profound meditation or simply a leisurely spot, they will find a tranquil haven here to unwind and rejuvenate their minds.

Designer:Haoqian Tang

As a designer with an architectural background, I started from the initial furniture design and production, and then joined the interior design. In the interior design, or from the space itself as the starting point of design, so as to propose a more perfect solution. The spatial structure of the interior is considered with the spatial thinking of architecture, and the design is located in the dynamic interaction of experience, details, materials, forms and light. Kant said, "All cognition comes from the senses." Through the contact of theory and practice, it is considered that the design process is a small immersion space, so as to find the problem; It is also an enlarged free space to explore the organization.