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K99 Trendy Music Club
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EIK Means that's okay, being casual does not mean being indecisive, but a faith in firm determination and the confidence to do the opposite. It is also a kind of design attitude. In today's prosperous commodity economy, stick to the original intention, and work for the future, only to do pure design.

The Source of Blessings Meditation Retreat
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The Source of Blessings Meditation Retreat features distinct spaces for meditation, tea ceremonies, and nourishment, guiding customers on a comprehensive journey that melds spirituality and aesthetics. This design prioritizes creating an environment conducive to Zen meditation practices, enveloping customers in an immersive contemplative experience through a blend of modern craftsmanship, natural elements, and Eastern culture.
The overall space is dominated by a palette of black, gray, and white, emanating a simple yet elegant allure. This harmonious color scheme creates a refreshing and serene ambience, beneficial for meditation practices. The design further leverages contemporary techniques in multiple elements including the concrete material, the vertically textured veneers evoking a sense of philosophical contemplation, and the interspersed accents of coarse stone finishes, enriching both texture and depth of the entire space. Complementing these materials are natural elements like flowers and the gentle patterns of water ripples, all converging into a modern meditation space steeped in an Eastern essence. Each area of the space is distinctly defined, yet seamlessly transitions into the next, creating a harmonious flow throughout. A gracefully designed corridor bridge links the reception area to the functional areas. Drawing inspiration from the imagery portrayed by the poetic verse — "The descending clouds align with the solitary wild geese in flight, while the tranquil waters mirror the vastness of the sky in a unified hue" — the transition at the entrance features a curving design reminiscent of a swallow sweeping its wings in flight. This design element injects a vibrant energy into the tranquil setting, weaving together an atmosphere that melds tranquility with dynamic diversity. The primary spaces, dedicated to meditation and tea ceremonies, are imbued in Eastern essence, meticulously adorned with classic Chinese elements for a serene and profound aesthetic ambiance. The unique layout of the tea ceremony space allows individuals to reflect and relax over tea, and the meditation space provides a peaceful environment for deep introspection. Furthermore, the Zen dance space and reception area are decorated with modern design elements like sleek lines and mirrors, standing in harmony with traditional Chinese decor. This blend of modern and classic aesthetics strikes a harmonious balance between the past and present.
Overall, the Source of Blessings Meditation Retreat exemplifies a distinctive and organic fusion of meditation practices, tea ceremonies, and the philosophy of health preservation. The harmonious interplay of colors, materials, and decorative elements represents a confluence of traditional and contemporary styles, transforming this space into a sanctuary that offers both spiritual enlightenment and aesthetic pleasure. Whether customers are in search of profound meditation or simply a leisurely spot, they will find a tranquil haven here to unwind and rejuvenate their minds.

Designer:Haoqian Tang

As a designer with an architectural background, I started from the initial furniture design and production, and then joined the interior design. In the interior design, or from the space itself as the starting point of design, so as to propose a more perfect solution. The spatial structure of the interior is considered with the spatial thinking of architecture, and the design is located in the dynamic interaction of experience, details, materials, forms and light. Kant said, "All cognition comes from the senses." Through the contact of theory and practice, it is considered that the design process is a small immersion space, so as to find the problem; It is also an enlarged free space to explore the organization.

Ben Xiyun Club
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“Ben” stems from Abigale in Hebrew, meaning the origin of happiness. Her name embodies our original expectation while creating this space and we wish it to be a place full of happiness.
At the moment when you push the door, it seems that all surrounding disturbances are away from you. Dark louvers block most of light and golden nebula above head is the only thing tempting sight in this dark space. Large and small lights flicker with gold gauze curtain, and it seems to have existed for hundreds of millions of years and even longer, which is ancient and forever. By following the trace of nebula and crossing one half-partition fireplace, you will formally step into this space. The whole space is permeated with larger nebula and we call it as “Xiyun”, which is bright and joyful nebula. Looking up at the starlit sky has been the feeling of mankind through the ages. During thousands of years when the planet grows, the starry sky above head never changes, but always maintains mysterious and graceful. Beneath the nebula are tables and chairs that carry the main functions of this space. The long table being covered with white tablecloth looks plain and generous. With simple style of white chairs, they restore the aesthetics of function. At the end of the long table, it’s oil painting “Hand” by artist GE Feng. He once traveled to other countries with language barrier and “Hand” was the only communication approach for him. Therefore, he created various forms of “Hand” to convey communication status and emotion between people. Masks in different shapes are hanged on dark grey wall, looking either quiet or humorous. Our designers have collected these masks from all over the world in the past two decades. People from different territories and ethnic groups created them coincidentally, which are perhaps expression and sustenance of mankind for own instinct. There is a set of occasional furniture at the corner of room, which is another place where people can gather together. Retro tone also adds texture for whole space.
This club space fully considering both privacy and communication combines different detail elements ingeniously. In the beauty that it has accumulated over time, we sincerely wish that all visitors can come happily and enjoy themselves.

Agency:Shanghai Wise Interior Design Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Wise Interior Design Co., Ltd. (Wise design) is a interior design professional service company with the design criterion of "wisdom,prudence, excellence and perfection", which integrates the space design of high-quality hotels, high-end office space, space design of club sales offices, space design of high-end residential model rooms, high-end customization and implementation of soft-fitting, with one-stop customization of overseas projects.

Office space, a new business card
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Office space, a new business card
Project name | wynn hot springs, project location | | China Nanjing soft outfit design ten design, hard design | ten design, project area | 12000 ㎡ design time | February 2022 main material | wei gold blasting stainless steel art coating, art glass aluminum plate cement hollow brick wood panel
"Flying mirror under the moon, the cloud builds the sea building", since ancient times, people have been full of infinite curiosity and reverie about the vast universe, the significance of exploring the universe, is a new journey of human beings, but also to give people the infinite yearning for the unknown.
Designer Yang Qian jumps out of the traditional conventional thinking and becomes a "space director". With the power and attitude of "doing my best to reach the sky", she creates a futuristic and science fiction leisure and entertainment space, presenting an immersive space experience journey.
Yang Qian's space script is a dialogue between spirit and space. Staying in the world for a long time, full of curiosity and yearning for the "third space". In such a beautiful space, a space rabbit opened its space adventure, realizing the aesthetic collision between the universe and the individual.


When first entering the lobby, it is like entering the entrance to the universe. The space under the holographic projection is more full of infinite imagination and creativity. In a unique narrative way, from a new field, from hearing to touch, the designer constructed a "third space" that touched the body and mind, prompting the visitors to have a wonderful immersive experience.
Meteorite art installations become the visual center of space, creating a momentum of space, thus making space "activated". Space brings people together, gathering new energy, flowing, moving.
Here, the space rabbit opens the space wandering mode, roaming in every space.


The design of men's bath space blurs the boundary between architecture and natural space, and the large installation serves as a bridge to connect the link between art and architecture. The sky is round and the place, light and people flow freely in the "dial" of space, and people stretch harmoniously in space.
I do not know is the space rabbit visit, or the foil of light and shadow, the female bath space is more charming and shy and moving. Rose red background is thorough without scale, bright under the foil and delicate of light. The neutral gray that cement hollow brick itself has and texture, separated and constantly, if hidden if visible, with the halo of artistic beauty.
Meteor cuts across the sky, spectacular and shining, the beautiful moment is vividly captured by the designer, cut, polished, stitched into a mirror, continue to shine. Ripple stainless steel is like the Milky Way in the sky, with starlight, and light impacting the visual cells in the latent consciousness.
A whole new definition of a slow life
Go to a
Art gallery bath experience
Under the planet carries multi-dimensional human stories, and the precipitation of the current state is related to the thinking of the future way of life. With the alternating color change of light, metal and color, in the space enclosed by wood veneer, and feel the delicious food together with family and friends, the shaking of the red wine glass... to degrade the sour, sweet, bitter and hot of life here, immersed in this. Space rabbit smell incense, overlooking the human fireworks.
The flying saucer moves and jumps in space in the way of space and temporal coordinate points. It is a kind of "flying beyond space", which runs through each field, collecting and transmitting magnetic field information.
The game room
In the virtual world, people can unload the armor in the real world and pursue the stars in the universe, no matter how far the distant dream, it will become within reach.
Film and television hall
The light matrix is like a time tunnel, pouring out, at the end of the light design, is waiting for visitors, leading to a new chapter in the future.


This is a theater, every visitor is the leading role, and all emotions and joy can be released here. It can not only give a alone stage, but also carry the carnival of a group of people, designer Yang Ying said.
Leisure book bar
The space rabbit accompanied the small planet to the reading area of the book bar, which is enough to make visitors feel the shadow of art. Under the broad map of light, the grid bookshelf presents a beautiful visual space. In the spirit of the Internet, visitors are reading, communication, or inspiration, or after brainstorming, great ideas may have a prototype here.
If we keep moving on the Mobius ring, will we encounter our unknown ourselves?
There is more than one way to the book bar, and so is life. Throw away the troubles and the pressure of life, escape the hustle and bustle of the world, and explore the peace outside the city. Here, it links the present reality and the unknown future, and creates the future-type multi-dimensional perceptual experience in the space-time dialogue.
Sweat steaming rest area
The geometric language related to arc, circle and spheres runs through the structure and interface of space, echoing the running trajectory of interstellar stars. Each aperture is like an energy field, giving people infinite reverie. Three sweat steam rest area scattered suspended, the designer made it into the appearance of a small house, give the sense of home.
Water bar area
The designer extracts geometric circles and lets a series of "cosmic elements" extend and flow to the water bar area. The bubble blown by the little boy becomes a dream planet, shuttling through time and space, where free dialogue and endless imagination can unfold, the future and the present collide here, and the heart and space resonate.
The bubbles blown by the little boy float to the corridor, and the scene of time travel is the continuation of spiritual expression, which is a deeper space, pointing to the vast stars. In this regard, people can temporarily withdraw from the real world, forget the noise, only to the future.
This is a paradise for the decompression energy field and full relaxation.
Social entertainment, humanities and arts, parent-child interaction, audio-visual, foot bath leisure... life should be beautiful, the combination of multiple formats, multi-dimensional immersive experience atmosphere, boundless entertainment scene, designers with unique design techniques, appropriate integration.
Today's young people have long been bound by the fast-paced life, infinite yearning for the slow life and infinite expectation for the unknown future, which are all the expressions of the "third space" of the space rabbit wandering, with immersive space, to release their own personal perception and experience.


TEN ROOMS DESIGN is jointly founded in 2021 by new designers Yang Ying and Yang Qian. It is a professional space studio integrating design, soft decoration and construction, based in Shenyang. With an experienced professional design team, focus on design as a space to give all value.
Committed to provide high quality space design, mining and space, diversity, innovative, international attitude, high quality design, high specifications of process standards, strict construction management, perfect landing system, become a hotel, spa, club in the field of space design planner, the pioneers of trendy leisure space.
The design of the ten rooms not only presents a unique design, but also a comprehensive and customized consideration of the brand, crowd, positioning and other needs. The project works spread all over the country, and maintains a stable cooperation strategy with partners, won support and trust, and won many awards and authoritative recognition.

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OK SNOOKER CLUB is a trendy entertainment space for young people, hoping to provide a trendy, youthful, dynamic and modern consumer experience. In this case, the design focuses on the characteristics of the space, combining material, color, lighting and reasonable moving line to express the artistry and power of the whole space, to create a unique visual impact in line with the aesthetic of young people, and then convey the cultural concept and appeal of the OK SNOOKER CLUB chain brand.
In the entrance area, dark green is selected, full of magic colors, connecting nature and vitality. Under the background of terrazzo marble, the whole body is warm and calm, giving people a warm and peaceful feeling. With bright yellow signs, brimming with youthful energy and joy, this is a trendy entertainment space for young people.
Service desk & Water bar area, linear lamp posts and dark blue brand image figures, gather visual focus, create a sense of trend and future. The linear lights on both sides are the simplification of billiards and triangular frames, which continue to enrich the space level and sublimate the fun of space play. Different from the traditional front desk area, this area offers guest lounge and bar functions. The design extends a natural space that feels like a forest experience, allowing customers to breathe freely and release all the pressure.
Billiards hall area spacious a Billiards hall area spacious and bright, simple design, a change of the traditional billiards room complex feeling. Iron mesh ceiling, novel personality, rich modern flavor. In the window area of the hall, pool tables and arched doors are distributed regularly to create a regular space atmosphere. Brown leather seats, retro light luxury, dyed temperament and style, so that customers can feel the real noble billiards culture atmosphere.
VIP billiard room, combined with the grey background wall to create a very fashionable and modern feeling. The sphere decoration makes the gray more rich and further sublimates the artistic atmosphere of the space. At the end of the corner, fresh green inject new vitality, active space. Brand image figures strengthen customers' memories of OK SNOOKER CLUB brand and promote brand marketing in the future.

Agency: O2 Art Design CO.,Ltd.

Hangzhou O2 Art Design Co., LTD., founded in 2020 by Mr. Zhu Jian, has a team of professionals from different professional backgrounds and fields, focusing on the development of commercial, restaurant, culture and retail projects, the works pay attention to integrate the "contemporary", "culturalism" and "artistic" language into the design. Pursue breakthrough, creative ideas and technological innovation in order to provide customers with integrated space strategies and solutions.

Marmot Club-Luoying City
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Located in Wuhan Hubei, the capital of cherry blossoms, Luoying Town is a large immersive themed entertainment space, constructed based on traditional Chinese cultural elements, combining “Tang-oriented style” with business. It aims to provide users a moderate and lifestyle immersion experience in two dimensions: scenes and characters, and highlight national and cultural confidence with the majestic Tang-oriented style and fashion, promoting the integration of traditional culture into modern life.
Inspired by the desert border, the entrance links a wooden flat-topped archway and the rockery mountain as the gate and the city wall, which is imposing and attractive. With the interior architecture under the shade of cherry blossoms, it performs the function of space guidance and increases the landscape and visual diversity, highlighting and echoing the characteristics of the program.
By using a variety of techniques such as seeing different views with each step forward and split-level space, the interior design recreates a richly layered, ancient Tang-oriented style block. For the overall structure, by following the style of Tang Dynasty architecture, the team deconstructs and dismantles the complex arch and eave structures, then simplifies and reconstructs them to form modern Chinese elements. They’re integrated into the overall design so that it not only retains the lingering charm of Chinese architecture but also reflects the inheritance and innovative development of traditional craftsmanship. In addition, the team also created four tall towers running through a two-story high-ceilinged space, effectively enhancing the utilization rate of the vertical space while intensifying the user’s holistic experience and depth of exploration. The tall towers are linked by corridors, which blurs the boundary between the buildings and maintains the continuity of the user’s moving line. In terms of user experience, interactive experiences such as inscription rubbing, wax printing, and archery that restore classical Chinese amusement events. Supplemented with a suspended running track throughout the city, it can fully mobilize users and enables them to explore in an easy and fun way without the constraints of time and organization.
By referring to the wooden structure of the Tang Dynasty, the whole program integrates the modern texture of metal plates and pipes into the ancient texture of wood and rocks, achieving the coexistence of tradition and modernity and presenting a majestic image with gorgeous and meticulous details. In this way, it enables users to alter their role from tourists to players with a more localized perspective, giving a sense of linearity, order, and mission to the previously loose, random, and aimless tour activities, and transforming the communication of culture from passive learning to active exploration.

Agency: Great CoCo (Suzhou) Cultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

GREATCOCO is one of the most promising next generation of content creation and indoor entertainment cultural innovation companies in China. With the mission of setting up China's original amusement parks to create more satisfaction and realize epochal visions, GREATCOCO strives to introduce innovative domestic amusement parks to the world. We have created various core brand products, including the first original ever theater park in China - Marmot Club, the first original live-action parent-child scripted-murder mystery in China, Luoying, the largest comprehensive parent-child interactive exhibition - VERNE's MAGIC RESIDENCE, and the original mini education park - COCOTOWN. All of these efforts have made GREATCOCO an iconic company leading the third generation of content-oriented indoor theme parks in China.

Jelly’s Fitness
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The store of this project is the third store we have collaborated with Jelly’s. Since its establishment in 2019, the repeated impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economic entity has been accompanied by the growth of this young brand. Fortunately, they are still there and getting better and better. Sunshine and happiness will spread. Especially in this gray age, we need people around us to bring us some different things. Jelly's seems to be such a group of people who bring joy and sweetness to the city!

Design Strategy

From the very beginning, we set the brand identities of Jelly’s as “Friendly, Happy and Comfortable”. This time, we confirm the theme strategy of “Color and Box, Information and Connection” in the design to transform it effectively and apply it in the space system.

Color and Box

The orange of this brand has always been very recognizable and emotional, so we keep this color in the design. We also add sliver gray and black to form the main tone of the space and identify three multi-function rooms by three main colors. In terms of spatial form, we intersperse the space with a number of “boxes” of different colors to construct an independent and interlaced spatial structure.

Information and Connection

We make use of the two functions of text and graphics, one is the function of information description, and the other is the function of graphic expression, so as to establish a set of brand visual systems integrating functions and images. As a carrier, we built a set of decorative components merging the visual guidance system and goods shelf display system, which has become an important part of the space decoration form.

Space Presentation

We divide the space into four modules, namely, the bar counter module, goods shelf module, washroom module and multi-function room module. The space integrates all functions into these four modules.

Agency: Quanting innoLab

Quanting InnoLab has provided forward-looking insights, forecasts, and suggestions on the commercial consumption space. It excels at coordinating and integrating multiple aspects such as business trends, strategic insight, scenario creation, and surprise experience; By sustainably operating the relationship among brand, space, and consumers, Quanting InnoLab is committed to improving the commercial value of our clients.
Founded by Han Jian and Shi Yingzhe in Beijing in 2015, Quanting InnoLab is composed of outstanding designers from various fields, such as business research and analysis, brand visual communication, space experience shaping, and interactive devices and materials research. It is a cutting-edge design team made up of young interdisciplinary designers. As one of the most creative design teams in China, Quanting InnoLab focuses on providing innovative and comprehensive design solutions for social and professional customers.
Quanting InnoLab is devoted to the innovative design of the brand, space, and vision. Taking the space terminal as the core, we have realized the transformation of concept and value through the strategic scene design method. By using design to stimulate more possibilities of space, we have completed "space innovation experiments" again and again, promoted the development of [experiential consumption scenarios], and reshaped the unique gene and trend of the brand. Its unique works with high impact, atmosphere, and drama have also won authoritative recognition worldwide and a series of international and domestic top design awards.
Quanting InnoLab is a knowledge innovation company that allows design thinking to drive business strategies.

Designer / Agency
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The main field of the owners of the project is film and television culture and media, and the second and third floors are for model, music, and performing arts training, including a professional level recording studio.The company also has very professional jazz bands and singers.The first floor serves as a cafe during the day and a music space for jazz, whiskey and whisky at night.Therefore, the owner hopes that the first floor space should have the feeling of film and television scene, so that the scene is a part of the shooting site of film and TV dramas, and can highlight the culture of coffee and jazz.The design of the cafe has a story.

Coffee + jazz + art + film and television, has become the key word of the cafe on the first floor.
The layout of the space puts the entrance in the northwest corner, leaving the guests the best view for the north and south of the window.The middle platform divides the space into three upper, middle, and lower regions.Form three quiet, semi-private and open space areas.Although there is a partition, but the transparent sense of vision has no effect.In the open area, put the stage on the west side, and on the east side is the bar area.The main traffic line is centered on the platform, forming a surrounding channel, which reserved for the moving line of future model runway shows.

From the foyer to the interior, with terrazzo, gray brick, coffee color latex paint as the main material, in the plain, showing the traces of the years.The location of the window on the north side, with black film as the installation art background, records the music of the most famous jazz singers in the 20s and 30s, which is the highest respect to the jazz musicians.The booths between the sofas show different instruments and make sculptures of discs to accompany the cello.The central platform is surrounded by grass and small flowers, around the synthetic and elegant small garden.The clean moon has mountains, showing the abstract but gentle side of the mountain in the form of luminous contour, echoing the ground up and down the garden.Under the high point of the mountain is the bright moon lamp, gentle moonlight, three friends sit opposite, tasting the fragrant coffee, flowing beautiful jazz in my ears.The owner owns the city's best jazz bands and singers, and they will show the most beautiful music on a stage full of thick Broadway atmosphere.The installation art of the clarinet is hoisted on the canopy in the opening area.Show the ancient instrument to another beauty.Rows of amber whiskey behind the bar, perhaps the best companion to enjoy jazz.Wear the coffee beans into bead chains to make a screen in the finished coffee sales area. Although the space is small, it will attract curious guests to explore and find their favorite taste of coffee.The chandelier made of enlarged coffee beans is hoisted over each group of sofa area, adding a bit of childlike fun.Coffee, jazz, art, constitute a film and television series picture.Life is like a play, the cafe may be the portrayal of the life drama, in the coffee and music, staged the joys and sorrows of our life.

Agency: Wufang (Shanghai) Architectural Design Co., LTD

Wufang (Shanghai) Architectural Design Co., Ltd. is a professional full-dimensional design company with international vision as the height, operation as the core, value innovation as the driving force, culture as the root and foundation, and focusing on the future. Provide forward-looking business design solutions for partners in various industries. Over the years, his works have won many awards.
The founding team has accumulated many years of experience in design, planning, marketing, marketing, technology and other aspects. With the full chain service mode, double polish each project work from space to time. At the same time, with the mode of "whole life cycle design + EPC design general control", with professional resource platform ability and service, the project can fully guarantee the healthy growth and sustainable development ability of the project, so that it can truly become the sharp spokesperson of the enterprise image, and bring more possibility for its market-oriented operation.
It is characterized by cultural empowerment, ecological guidance, altruism and more commercial and social values for customers.

Xi Tang Health Club
Designer / Agency
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The sensory healing of a journey through time
From the distant Renaissance to the present, the appreciation of beauty and the healing of body and mind have always been connected.
Emotion is the clue of space design and the most intuitive feeling of customer experience. The space moving line follows the rhythm of step by step into the best place, infiltrating into the space furnishings, utensils, light and shadow, materials and textures, interactive dialogue in the quiet hidden space, the prologue of rejuvenating therapy is opened here.

Standing in the hustle and bustle of the city, seeking a quiet party is the most luxurious enjoyment of the city. In the morning and evening, the years are bright and quiet, which opens the spiritual healing of SPA.
The new art deco interior with sound and light creates a relaxing and immersive casual atmosphere.
When the artistic aesthetic of the Renaissance meets the contemporary leisure lifestyle, the progress of time is slowed down, calm down, appreciate, enjoy...
"Big sound, elephant invisible", gentle lamplight hides its form, only its light, simple and plain space just the right performance of leisure time should have the appearance.

Su Shi wrote in his ode to Begonia, "I was afraid of falling asleep at night, so I burned high candles to shine on red makeup." Take begonia flowers bloom like brocade beauty, with the charm of blue and purple, outline the spring sleeping picture of begonia.
The long and deep corridor of architectural sense, the smallpox of water and light billows, such as human looking up at the starry sky or exploring the vast ocean, deep and quiet, mysterious relaxing. The control of details and quality is carried out in a hotel-like way, presenting the noble sense of space experience.

The vast night sky needs stars to achieve deep, and the city's night needs light to adorn romance.
Modern light luxury sentiment, the combination of black and warm yellow light, bring a little mystery, let people curious to explore.

The exquisite and private atmosphere of the bar opens the channel of entertainmentism in addition to the healing function, and leads people's thinking into the dual pleasurable state of body and mind, switching the path of the situation, and intends to create a complete sense of rest experience.
There is no hustle and bustle of the city, no crowds, only a comfortable rhythm. Such a pleasant experience is hard to find elsewhere.

Designer: Lin Xu

LuXun Academy of Fine Arts professional teacher
SPACE³INTERIOR DESIGN founder and design director
Engaged in entertainment space design for 20 years
Social prestige: Member of the Chinese Culture and Entertainment Committee
《INTERIOR DESIGN》Chairman of Designer club (Shenyang)
APID Middle East Professional Interior Design Association
Get reward IF DESIGN Award
A Design Award
Andrew Martin Award
USA-CHINA International Design Award
International Space Design Award Idea-Tops
IDPA Sino-Japan International Design Pioneer Award
IDS International Design Pioneers list gold medal
DRAGON DESING FOUNDATION AWARD -Top Ten Outstanding Youths in China's Decorative Design Industry
《INTERIOR DESIGN》 China Interior Design cover of the year
ID+G Entertainment Space Design Gold Award
ART DISPLAY China Crystal Kylin Awards
jiaju Sina Most Influential Young Designer Award
UIDM for interioral Design of Macao Award
40 UNDER 40 China Outstanding Young Designer