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The Love between Roses and Butterflies
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This low-key yet luxurious French-style curtain takes butterflies and roses, which are symbols of romance, as its core design elements. By virtue of exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality fabrics, the product makes itself a synthesis of art and functionality, contributing to a pleasant and comfortable home space for users.
The curtain draws inspiration from the enchanting scene of butterflies fluttering among roses. Its valance is made of the rose pink fabric, and features lifelike butterflies through embroidery technique. The main body of the curtain, based on the jacquard fabric, adopts jacquard weaving technique to create gorgeous roses in various poses and with a three-dimensional visual effect; the rose patterns shimmers under the light, adding a dynamic sense to the space. The soft and modern color scheme of rose pink and lilac gray leads to a warm, stylish home atmosphere.
In addition to its impressive design aesthetics, the curtain also excels in functionality. The design team has introduced physical antimicrobial technology into the fabrics, which allows for an antibacterial rate up to a 99% and can effectively inhibit the growth and proliferation of over 650 harmful microorganisms including E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, etc. This protects users from bacteria during everyday use of the curtain, ensuring a healthier home environment for them. Furthermore, as a primary barrier between the home and the outside, the curtain uses high-density fabrics to significantly enhance its light-blocking and noise-reducing capabilities. Its combination with the physical light-blocking design free of harmful coatings enables users to enjoy deep sleep without the worry of potential health risks.

Agency:Hangzhou Daoxian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

RUYUDESHUI High-end curtains, which began in 1994, are an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales, focusing on high-end curtain customization, and are the pioneers of the "national chain, individual demand, and centralized customization" model in the curtain industry. At the beginning of its establishment, it pioneered the introduction of "suit technology" into curtain production, and devoted itself to the study of curtain production technology and modern science and technology combined with the technological achievements, and always adhered to the concept of "wholeheartedly making curtains and serving wholeheartedly", forming a super high brand power with the core value of "high-quality design, suit technology, health technology, and intimate service", and became the choice of more villas and large flat owners. At present, it has more than 900+ national chain stores, serving more than 100,000 families every year. The world's largest flexible curtain production model factory with independent soft copyrights, invention patents, and Huawei's empowerment provides users with more high-end products and more intimate services.