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86 double inner opening window screens in one
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A double inward opening window screen, one inward opening and inverted window.
Design concept: a window screen integrated product designed in the global environment of promoting energy conservation, emission reduction and energy transition;
1: An extension based on the system window, and a product developed on the basis of adding as few aluminum molds as possible;
2: The frame adopts a combination of 44 heat insulation strips + 24 heat insulation strips for the fan, plus three-glass and two-cavity glass, so that the thermal insulation performance can be guaranteed to the greatest extent, and the U value can reach 1.2W/(m2*k ); In order to reduce carbon emissions; under the premise of ensuring waterproof performance, the design with diamond net can meet the needs of anti-theft, anti-mosquito and anti-falling;
3: Simplify production and processing technology, improve production efficiency, and reduce energy consumption;
4: The glass fan adopts Savio hardware imported from Europe to ensure the service life of the product and reduce unnecessary waste of resources.
5: The self-developed screen window hardware perfectly meets the performance requirements of the system products.

Agency: HOLiKE Doors and Windows

HOLiKE Doors and Windows is a door and window technology brand integrating advanced R&D, supply, production, sales and service. It adopts the internationally leading IPD research and development concept, advanced and agile SCM supply system, industrial 5.0 intelligent manufacturing line, IPM marketing system, and The ingenious commercial design is deeply trusted by developers, design institutes, e-commerce, installation companies, and consumers. It promotes new progress in door and window systems, leads the new trend of doors and windows, and uses the most cutting-edge design, products, technology and services in the world. , To promote the revolutionary development of customized doors and windows, is the world's leading master of customized doors and windows.

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“Rhythms” Bamboo sofa chair design


“Rhythms” Bamboo sofa and chair design note
Material selection: The birth of Yanhuang origins from the love of the spirit of bamboo and the development of ecological civilization. With the rapid development of industrial civilization today, forest resources have been seriously damaged, the large diameter wood for furniture becomes less and less, fortunately, bamboo with its fast-growing, toughness characteristics become the best natural alternative material.
The outer ring frame of his sofa chair is made of high-pressure recombination material of bamboo fiber which has better weather resistance and compressive strength than traditional wood, the vertical lining is made of natural bamboo strips treated by high temperature, this is natural and environmental friendly, namely special material makes special art.
Aesthetic: The lining strips of the facade are arranged in accordance with the principle of gradient aesthetics, which is novel and beautiful, and also enhances the torsional force and support of the sofa frame in multiple coordinate directions.
Structure: Taking the essence of traditional Chinese furniture mortise and tenon, combined with the convenience of contemporary industrial equipment, we designed the structure of three-dimensional mortise and tenon with piercing pins, replacing the traditional smoke nest mortise and tenon and dumpling angle mortise and tenon, advocating the philosophy of cooperation: "in and out with a degree, combined as a whole".
Contemporary: Based on contemporary business characteristics, " Rhythms " sofa chair also fully considered the volume of transportation and packaging stability and safety, the main structure of the sofa chair can be disassembled into four parts and re-packed into a volume equivalent to one-third of the original one.


Bamboo culture has a so long history that it’s been deeply rooted in the bones of every Chinese descendant, Yanhuang is committed to create original furniture based on the raw material and spirit of bamboo, and brings us a poetical living.
Pursuing firmly on the idea of ecological civilization. Bamboo has its obvious characteristics of fast-growing and toughness. Taking good advantage of the current advanced technology, with the process of high temperature and pressure, the defects of easy cracking and no large diameter material have been solved.
Based on the foundation of traditional mortise and tenon structure, Integration of modern habitat needs, Yanhuang focus on the heritage and innovation, and commits to develop furniture products rooted in tradition and oriented to modern consumers successfully.

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Memory and identity, imagination and curiosity, the act of looking and freedom. Also my hideouts and escapes, family stories and fairy tales, books and travels, roots and dreams. My whole life, my whole soul break into my work with no filters. And I welcome openheartedly the endless possibilities of growth and evolution that each project might bring.
Being Sicilian means being contaminated after all. That’s why my work holds millennia of cultural intersections which compose the identity of my land. Along with the instinct, love and passion that I have poured for the last 30 years into the profession of furniture designer.
A profession that chose me, way before I chose it: if that wasn’t the case, I might have ended up being a singer or lawyer. But I fell in love with it in the blink of an eye: the same feeling, I believe, that we need in order to be in harmony with the space surrounding and welcoming us.
So for example, from the treasure chest of my childhood, which holds the universe of symbols that my imagination still turns into prophecies, the cards become the face of my most representative line, My Homeland. An explosion of Sicily spontaneously looking towards the East, my natural inclination, my sweetest and strongest cultural infatuation, that each creative act of mine is somehow related to.
What I like the most about each day of my life, is the chance offered by every encounter to open up to new ideas and new worlds; the fascination to see how reality conquers imagination and guides it towards ideal and not random associations, that are going to be caught only by those who look at the world with wonder.
The inspiration, precision, harmony with those who work beside me, give life my own creations. By my sketches originated the patient work of skilled craftsmen of wood, iron, textiles, leather, decoration: all masters are motivated by my own passion and painstaking attention to the nuances that will make the difference.
The craftsmanship makes every creation something original and every piece becomes unique in its own way.
All my collections have the breath of a living soul able to create a connection with spaces.


Marie Maison Sicilian design inherits 30 years of experience in house furniture, in selecting high quality items and supplements, as well as in creating original and handmade lines, providing tailored advice and design work. Paying attention to details, selecting valuable materials and cooperating with skilled teachers have formed a unique personality.

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Aria Acrylic Armchair


Usage:Space Setting: Living room/Study/Lounge
Materials:Fabric Union:Acrylic, Velvet
Loro Piana:Acrylic, 55% Linen、45% Wool Ralph Lauren:Acrylic、55% Linen、45% Rayon
Size:73.9 H x 81 W x 81.6 D cm
: This “floating Chair”supported by solid acrylic molds, with artistic printed fabrics from the Fabric Union, Loro Piana and Ralph Lauren, is literally floating in the cloud.Fabric can be customized


Objective creates a narrative environment that embraces a personal and collaborative approach to art and design. It unifies artists and designers in creating a collection of functional yet elegant furniture, lighting, art and lifestyle objects. Curated in an evocative gallery space housed within a historic building of Shanghai’s Xintiandi neighborhood. Objective is a multi-disciplinary brand that sources lifestyle objects from around the globe both to inspire aesthetically and to promote a mindful way of life. With an emphasis on uncompromising quality and bespoke tailored design, Objective connects desires with talents, blurring the boundary between art, design and craftsmanship.

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Trumpet Sofa


Designer Team:Bryce Cai X Objective
Usage and Setting: Sofa: Living room/Study/Lounge
Materials: Horse Hair, Leather, Metal, Solid Wood
Size: 87 W×84 D × 82 H cm
Bryce believes all people long for resonance in the modern times. As an amplifier of sounds, the Trumpet makes our “voice” heard by more people. The curved shape can perfectly wrap a sitting person, as if a newborn baby being swaddled. Combining the Italian top leather brand studioart, and the 40-year-old horse hair gilding process invented by the Dalle Mese family, the designer has wrapped the most luxurious piece of leather around the seat cushion. Legs made of carbonized wood are varied lengths add dynamics and comfort.

Designer: Bryce Cai

Bryce Cai has been educated for a variety of art forms since childhood, he has more than 10 years of experience in interior design, FF&E design, product design, art consulting. He has served in many well-known overseas interior and TOP10 global architectural firms. In APAC, participated in the design and construction of several high-end residences , shopping malls ,luxury hotels, Michelin restaurants ,bar & clubs and other projects. The space designed by Bryce has been used as a location in many film and television dramas and movies ,and began to participate in cross-over cooperation of major brands in 2018. Bryce is not just an interior designer,he is always wanting to be more than that.