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Interior Design丨MAG studio
Main Designer丨Linc Mok
Brand Design丨Linc Mok & Sum
Illustration Design丨Linc Mok & Sum
Lighting Design丨MAG studio Project Location丨Hong Kong, China
Project Type丨Restaurant
Project Area丨300sqm
Completion Date丨Aug 2021
Photographer丨Steven Ko
Different from the crowded and lively downtown of Hong Kong, the project which is located in Tseung Kwan O with a seaside runway is a casual, sporty and cozy restaurant. The Mediterranean cuisine is mainly provided for customers with equal emphasis on seafood and barbecue, the diversified and compatible culture is provided, the demand for an immersive experience with "THE HUNTER" as the core is put forward, and it seeks to create a more and more fascinating dining experience.
How to make the dining experience impressive? MAG believes that space design is far from enough. Designer Linc Mok has tried to make every visitor enjoy his or her identity as "THE HUNTER" starting with the brand and create a story about seabed exploration during the whole dining process with "hunting taste" as the direction to convey a concept that there are more delicious things in more "dangerous" places and the food which is more "difficult" to obtain must be more cherished. Therefore, MAG has created an immersive restaurant with the theme of "Hunt deep, taste deep" by using Mediterranean culture and nautical elements as the design inspiration and blue color as the main style.
It is like walking from a long sandy beach into the ocean, the interior is mainly decorated with ocean blue color style, the outdoor is mainly decorated with beige color style, and a new balance and aesthetic order are sought for in the collision cascade. THE HUNTER is completely open like the sea, the ground in sandy color style is paved on "beach" where the wall decorations in rocky wall texture, bamboo woven ceilings, wicker chairs, etc. are distributed, which embodies the leisure elements on the shore everywhere. 



If accessing to the sea, the floor on which blue and brown are intertwined can be seen at beginning, like sand, stone, and luminous jewels... It is looming in the interweaving with the waves, and as a process of gradual "discovery", the story of seabed exploration will be also started slowly from here...
After entering the restaurant, your vision will be filled with ocean blue and mixed with the Mediterranean taste style, your eyes, nasal cavity and even every nerve will feel that you are brought into the immersive seabed.
The stone table with natural texture, the ceiling like a ship board, the ceiling lamp wrapped in fishing nets, the bright crystal lamp with penetrating the sea surface like sunlight, the blue soft decoration...are sparse and dense in order, making the whole seabed space more three-dimensional and colorful.
The central bar counter is regarded as the highlight of the restaurant, which is in the form of waves and also like a shell in shape, echoing the wave-shaped fishing nets hand-woven on the ceiling, as if being caught on the seabed. The design of the bar counter subverts the traditional form in the past, and the wavy lines make every two seats form a certain angle, which is suitable for talking with friends and drinking comfortably.
THE HUNTER is committed to roasting the most authentic Mediterranean dishes with black wood charcoal, thus it has brought back a valuable oven from Spain in order to further improve the restaurant's brand, which is presented as an exhibit at the window, therefore every visiting "hunter" can witness the birth of delicious food and enjoy the sense of accomplishment of "discovery" and "hunting taste".
The classic dining chair has been transformed with meshes in details, the sofa is spliced with different blue textures, and nautical elements are embodied everywhere. The design and transformation of these soft decorations are more regular, in which the inconsistency, laziness and comfort feelings are also shown.
It is worth mentioning that the hand painting on the wall is tailor-made for the restaurant, which describes a story about exploration on the seabed and discovery of delicious food -delicious food never comes from heaven, but is formed after various efforts and trials. It also means that the restaurant is deliberately creating a famous food brand, which is a process of constant exploration and constant discovery.
However, different functional spaces are distinguished based on the keynote dark blue style in the bathroom area at the deepest part of the seabed, as if walking into a deeper seabed, and the hand-painted wall textures and signs will occur throughout the story of seabed exploration...
Tell a story and give a soul. The texture of the space design is especially important, and what's more important is that MAG has created a new brand for THE HUNTER who can feel the use details from the space, thus everyone will seem to be immersed in the story of seabed exploration... The restaurant will also become more self-communicative in the future business.

Agency:  MAG studio

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