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The “Flow” concept of INSHANG clothing exhibition Hall
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The "Flow" concept of INSHANG clothing exhibition Hall
INSHANG Clothing Exhibition Hall: Party A hopes to present a diversified and situational clothing exhibition, combining online and offline interactive clothing gathering space. This project is located in a rectangular space with a balcony in the office building. The design adopts the concept of "flow". As the flow of water, the whole display from the door has a vague sense of penetration, attracting people into a new world.
In the era of Internet consumption information, the idea of "flow" space endows the exhibition hall with a brand new connotation. As a space where product information display and humanistic value are mutually integrated, it has significant fluidity, high openness and efficient interaction. The space is divided into coffee bar area, office area, main clothing display area and balcony and other main areas. The wall panels composed of white cement and glass are flexibly arranged, forming a space sequence that is divided and connected, seemingly complex but simple. Indoor and outdoor are also interspersed with each other, a transparent and bright circulation space.
After entering the space, through the transformation of DP, we come to the coffee bar area. Through the integration of landscape and life, we achieve a relaxed and natural communication atmosphere between people. The coffee bar is a central hall, combining the presentation of social and clothing priorities. Through the coffee social area, it flows to the office area, and flows to the main clothing display in the next area, as well as the echo of surrounding products. In addition, through the idea of connecting inside and extending outside the balcony, the display area of different scenes and the display property of surrounding sales are expanded. The space from indoor to outdoor, from day to night, different light and shadow transform the atmosphere of the field, driving the emotional transformation of the interior.

Agency: O2 Art Design CO.,Ltd.

Hangzhou O2 Art Design Co., LTD., founded in 2020 by Mr. Zhu Jian, has a team of professionals from different professional backgrounds and fields, focusing on the development of commercial, restaurant, culture and retail projects, the works pay attention to integrate the "contemporary", "culturalism" and "artistic" language into the design. Pursue breakthrough, creative ideas and technological innovation in order to provide customers with integrated space strategies and solutions.