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The Charm of the Sea
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The Charm of the Sea (Series 1)
Material: Australian white, emerald, pink sapphire, yellow diamond, 18K two-color ancient gold Ta is the crystallization of nature, the tears of the sea princess, the whole exudes a pure and tranquil light, different angles will have different magnificent luster, this design simulates the sea princess of the deep sea incarnated as a fish in the colorful underwater flowers frolicking scene, smart, dreamy, love and nature, time poured, pearl is warm and fragile, need to be carefully cared for, this combination is also a gift to the beloved wife at that time, full of deep affection, he said, the smart shape is very similar to the wife's playfulness, but also elegant and exquisite, The creation of nature, he said, recalling the acquaintance at the beginning of the year, recalling the wedding day when he held the hand of his beloved wife, he felt that he had married a pure and beautiful mermaid princess, the pearl package shines with the glimmer in the waves, charming and intoxicated, the pearl also represents self-improvement and rich vitality, like love, like life, the humble and elegant appearance contains an interesting soul, and it is also a story that the whole design wants to express!
The Charm of the Sea (Series 2)
Material: Australian white, Paraíba, sapphire, 18k white setting Ta from the sea, is treading the waves, is dressed in the stars and the moon to come, simple and noble, the guest said, series one is to hope that his princess at the moment of marrying him gorgeous, elegant, playful, exquisite, then this set of series is on behalf of the marriage faded to the gorgeous, return to the plain essence of life, in the mutual foam modesty, but still shine with a dreamy luster, he will protect their love and stay together, will let the affection live up, portrayal timeless!
The Charm of the Sea (Series 2)
Material: jade gourd, Paraiba, demantoid garnet, aquamarine baby stone, 18K white inlay Time flies, in the mood for flowers, time has precipitated the determination of the hand of the son and the son to grow old, the glass luster of jade, the green with a sense of maturity of the years, he hopes that his wife can be nourished and cared for by love in the company of each other, this love can be inherited, it fulfills the ancient contract that has been signed with the moon, the water waves are scales, the sound of the waves is a dream, with the vast love of deep love, repeating the deep affection!

Designer: Xuejing

He graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts in 2005, and worked in the online game division of NetEase from 2005 to 2013, after which he started his own business. From designers, to mothers, to business management, at present, in heart healing, design empowerment, aesthetic collocation, etc., Fumei jewelry, Fumei women's industry, deeply cultivating traditional aesthetics, hoping to influence and help more women, from beauty to Taoism, become happy! Since childhood, I like oriental aesthetics, and my bones have been engraved into the five thousand years of historical precipitation and poetic inheritance, absorbing Western aesthetic fashion elements, but not chasing Western trends, but also hoping to integrate the attitude, in the traditional thick and warm soil, activate the national memory and innovation in the blood, the upgrading of the industry to guide cultural self-confidence, cultural self-confidence to promote the development of national brands, has always adhered to, this concept, but also from the energy of the heart, chewing meaningful, colliding, classic dazzling sparks, women's freedom and fearless inside, Mixed with this charm and uninhibited coexistence of feminine charm, in this era, as a female designer, is to be androgynous, gentle and powerful, in each work, to be serious, firm presentation, the product is the embodiment of beauty, follow the heart, embrace the quality, its life lies in being created by nature, carved into a craftsman, given the soul by the designer, the person who is worn inherits eternity, integrates to the beauty, and is natural, whether it is jewelry design or space furnishings, integrate into nature, and grasp the most original law of various elements, The realm of objects and images, integrated with each other, flashy but not dazzling, expensive but not conspicuous, is the design method I have always liked!