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Taixing Sunshine Spa
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Gaogang District, Taizhou City, is where you can find Taixing Spa. Since there has been a water culture for thousands of years, most locals feel grateful for water. Additionally, the local business sectors are prosperous with high development, the business community is widespread, and the transit is convenient. Given this, there’s great potential for the mid-to-high end spa market.
The total center benefits from improved space planning and innovation thanks to Lv Shaocang's design, which is dedicated to combining local culture with oriental charm. In the Jiangsu region, it blends the two temperament types of "hardness and softness," "brightness and darkness," and "coldness and warmth", thus bringing new energy to life. This design recreates a beautiful volume of the landscape in the city center where people can enjoy river boating and thinking about the meaning of life.
Entrance Hall
Thanks to the care provided by the historic city of Taixing and the surrounding waters and environment, the entrance hall's shape was inspired by the local boat culture. The horizontal and vertical skeleton that serves as the entrance hall's main framework resembles the wooden framework of the cabin. There is a rostral boat at the welcome area, which blends natural appeal with cutting-edge design approaches to outline the atmosphere of running water, with elements like pine branches, jasper, and water droplets as decoration.
The passage in the waiting area contributes to our feeling towards running water if we come slowly by boat. The bright belt on either side looks like a river bank standing up, and the long, peaceful river is gently moving in the distance under the projection of light and shadow. The finely crafted gold-plated steel wire art installation is swaying with the stardust in the foggy countryside background, looking much like the tail of a boat or a falling tree leaf.
Dressing Room
Lv Shacang designs the deep and shallow curves as the major parts of the wall in the dressing room area as inspiration from the zigzagging river bank. The quiet and cozy environment has a magic power to sooth people's emotions. After investigating the winding path, we are surprised to find that the water's rhythm and gentleness can be felt, as well as the contrast between the willow and the flower created by the soft white light and shadow.
Female Guest Area
White color predominates over the entire space. The mosaic brick-built curved wall is saturated like the tide's waves. Additionally, every processing step mimics the purity and romance of water color.
One gorgeous feature in this design is the bucket bath in the room designated for women. The bathtub and the white curtain light cover combine to create the image of a flowering flower, which is subdued but expresses the femininity of a single woman.
Male Guest Area
The male guests' colors—burlywood and brown—are visible throughout the serene atrium. Following the creative design of the cabin-like structure, bamboo branches are embellished to give the room a more ink-like design language, and a variety of swimming lanes and pool baths are available so that we can do whatever we’d like to.

Public Area·Study
The beautiful study in the high-end spa is the wizardry of Lv Shaocang’s design. It's amazing to widen the spine of classic works as a break to express the calm feelings of a gentleman. There is a roaring fire igniting a sensation of warmth. In addition, there are green plants with an attractive appearance that can cultivate people’s mind.
How about sit in the study after bathing and purifying and read the sages' writings? Once your heart calms down, you can express your desire to reflect on ancient times and discover more elegance of magic of history.
Spa·Private Apartment
The spa and private apartments have strong Oriental poetic overtones. This was exactly the original intent of Lv Shaocang's design: to make Oriental beauty and modern art complement one another and radiate more magnificent colors. The design of the murals, the decoration of lamps, the details of Chinese style tea sets and small ornaments, all of which responds to the confidence and elegance of culture as a result.
The window lattice could reflect the passing time while one is walking on the sand. The inside perspective is unchanged while the sundial is slightly moved.
Lobby of Guest Room
The lobby of a guest room on the second floor was designed with the dual meanings of ocean waves and boats in mind. The wavy water droplets congregate like a flock of wingless birds, leaving us with meaningful afterthoughts.
It's a long-standing tradition to park boats outside of house to show that we co-exist with waters and rivers. Now it’s time to look at the surging waves and appreciate the beautiful scene.
Guest Room
The primary guest room's decor fuses modern art with beautiful ancient charm. Natural connections exist between the internal oriental flavor and the external natural connotation. The overall visual effect is more pleasant when wall decorations are made simply and empty space is created.
Taixing enjoys a lovely aquatic environment. It's a place where you can travel around the city and do everything as you like. Lv Shaocang's design harmonizes the elegance of modern art with the tranquil beauty of traditional Asia by using the local culture as its foundation. Overall, it exhibits a lovely but splendid sight of waves as we can take advantage of the freedom to ride the wind and follow the trend thanks to the creative value mingled into the expression of space.

Agency: Lv Shaocang Design

Founded in 1999, Lv Shaocang Design is the witness of the emergence and development of interior design in China. We are the planner, designer and operator of Yunyin Orient House, which integrates "Party A thinking" and "Party B thinking". We are an innovative workshop of "space design + cultural and creative life", a full-service business strategy company integrating town planning, architectural design, interior design and cultural creativity. Over the years, we have been exploring in the field of hotel and B&B, real estate, cultural tourism, and commercial space, and are committed to creating full-scene aesthetic space works.