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Taimu Mountain Tea Room
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Mount Taimu Teahouse
A simple yet calming taste is the best taste
The spring view from the window is accompanied by the tea aroma. On a sunny day, explore the mystery behind the window without talking. For the ancients, when they drank tea, they poured a cup of tea and let their hearts and minds wander. What was significant was to cherish every meeting. Today, people drink tea as a means of cultivation and meditation. It is a pursuit of a simple lifestyle. In a teahouse, get a pot of tea to enjoy, alone or with others. It carries wisps of memories and provides spiritual sustenance. This is our people's deep comprehension of tea. It is a resonance of the meaning of tea and the rhythm of tea.
Mount Taimu is located in Fuding county, Fujian province. Nourished by the sun and rain, it is the core production area of the home of white tea. The designer draws the aesthetic of antiquity in light and shadow. The vivid rhythm is condensed in time and space. It is peaceful and fragrant. The vividness and elegance of white tea are spread around the tea space. Where the grille is dappled and the plants are growing, there is an interactive space that is closed but not bounded. The natural style breezes through, breaking through the window together with the scenery, echoing the wisps of memories. When the clouds are set aside, the moon will be seen. That creates a clean and bright atmosphere for the whole teahouse.01
It seems to be the spring breeze in March. The aromatic tea leaves become greenery regularly.
The chic presentation of light and shadow is shown at the entrance of the teahouse. The white lattice fence is clearly layered, exchanging the indoorand outdoor scenery with the real and the imaginary. The long polished wooden chairs portray the shape of distant mountains, echoing the cluster of green plants in front of the other wall, with some vivid and some fading. With the restraint technique, the atmosphere of oriental aesthetics is depicted.
The grass and the trees are gone as the sun sets. You know whom to ask when the past is not clear.
Facing west, the light at sunset has more warmth. In the absence of complicated displays, the triangular-shaped foyer is clean and sparse. A long window frame takes in the outside view of the street. The interior is paved with antique gray concrete flooring. Blank space is reserved to build up the mystery of light and shadow. The designer understands that leaving blank space is not a lack of display, but rather showing the reality in the void, with the interplay of light and darkness. It leaves room for people to imagine things that are not shown and to appreciate the infinite width of heaven and earth.
A single branch explores the realm of mystery, Branches from both sides enter the dream.
Contrary to the bright entrance foyer, the interior corridor of the first floor of the tearooms has a quieter mood which brings out past vicissitudes in the silence with the dappled light and shadow cast. The wooden pillars are unvarnished. They stand silently with the natural texture of life, simple and meditative, extending the mood of tea-tasting to the time of day and the four seasons.
Though I only have a window to view the moon, Even with only a cup of tea, I can still thank my close friend.
Lay back and sip a pot of good tea. In a remote corner, the hidden poetic quality helps cleanse your heart. As you are watching people and things coming and going, you realize time flies like an arrow.
Walnut-colored wooden circle chair is matched with leather cushions. Its ancient style brings out a leisurely vibe. The prosperity of the world is watched while sitting in peace.
In the tearooms, the designer draws on the borrowed scenery and enframed scenery landscape techniques. Light is drawn into the rooms and scenery is borrowed to convey emotion. The green scene outside the windows, the flow of time, and the change of the natural sunlight and clouds are blended into the utterly vivid canvas in the interior.
The quiet footpath with tea aroma leads you to an ajar door. My wicket gate is open for elegant people today.
Accompanied by the stone steps and the faint warm light, you ascend the stairs to the upper floor. The corner of the staircase leading to the second floor is spacious with a sharp and clean shape. It gives people a carefree vibe, just like half-bloom flowers and Waning Gibbous Moon.
Unlike the tea rooms on the first floor, the tea rooms on the second floor are mostly independent spaces with elegance. On the side of a short table, there are two seats. Outside the window, the branches and vines sway in the wind breeze. The noisy outside world is blocked. A spectacular spring view is then displayed.
Tea, a pursuit in tearooms. Brew a pot of warm Chinese tea. Sip the tea to enjoy pure joy.
The finest taste of life leaves you delighted and speechless.

Designer:Chen Jinfa

Graduated from Zhangzhou University in industrial and civil construction engineering in July 2002. 2002.7 Joined Singapore Dixin Design (Shanghai Company). Joined Fujian Putian Sanchuan Space Design Company in July 2008. Since the establishment of Fujian Putian Mochen Space Design Company in July 2010.