Space+Elegant Living
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The overall space is based on plain and elegant from the narrative structure, and the essence of human settlements is fully considered in the design.
It is intended to enrich the space and improve people's living experience.
In terms of overall color, the space atmosphere of urban life is highlighted through fashionable mix and match.
In the multi-layer series space, we adhere to the unified connection, let everyone in the family have their own use space, such as the living room, leisure area, and studio, so that each family can find their own place, and create a shared and co-created space in the post-epidemic era. A space of happiness built together. Through the characteristic embellishment of accessories and furniture, the artistic atmosphere of the space is stronger.
In terms of design techniques, by shaping the layers of space and using simple materials, each space creates a sense of sequence and generates links, which are also the key to emotional connections.
Connect spaces in series, and connect more emotional possibilities visually and emotionally. It is also better to let the space serve people, and let people feel the space better.

Designer: Jiao Han

Designer: Jia He