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Southeast Asia Sea View Mansion
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The project faces the Gulf of Thailand and is only 50 meters away from the coastline. It faces the sea on three sides and the river on the other. It has unique geographical advantages and natural resources, such as clear blue sea, white and fine sandy beaches, and the second largest mangrove in the world. The advantage of the landscape makes it a holiday villa with excellent panoramic sea view. The interior design is the continuation of the architectural spirit, maintaining a sense of dialogue and continuation with the outdoor landscape, following nature, neatness, and removing decoration, striving to create a relaxed, comfortable, quiet, natural, and extraordinary interior space.

Agency: Tianjin PUREFAN Interior Design Co., LTD

At the beginning of 2017, Pufan was officially established. The first question we thought about was not what kind of company Pufan should become, but what kind of life the customers we served should have in the future. Pritzker Architecture Prize laureate Francis Carly said: 'Create an environment where humans can develop themselves, feel happy, have what we call happiness, inspire those who use it, and make them happy! ' With this kind of thinking and kindness, we take 'for you who love life, create a beautiful and happy home' as Pufan's mission.
What is a happy life? Happiness is to give yourself and your loved one a warm and comfortable home. You can be quiet, learn to think, share and grow, live an orderly life, enjoy delicious food, relax, and clean and convenient. She is not a cold container, let alone material things. The home must be a supply pool of energy, with the temperature of life, emotional connection, subtle care, and the flow of love... Design should not only solve problems, but also create a happy and pleasant physical space for customers. mental space.