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This commission comes from a pair of young people who are about to enter the marriage hall. They are graduates of the Academy of Fine Arts, with active thinking and high aesthetic taste. They hope to find the shining point of design in the construction of their new home. This project highlights material and technical means and architectural aesthetic principles in the design techniques. Create functions that are reasonable, comfortable, and beautiful. The environment that meets people's material and spiritual needs, the style intention of this case is minimalism. Minimalism also places great emphasis on color selection, and some colors decorate unique styles.


Not one day intentionally becoming an interior designer, the so-called design work is never exquisite; It is a product of curiosity and joy, nurtured by a continuous stream of thoughts and consciousness. Hi, my name is Xu Mengjiao, a designer born in the 1990s. I graduated from Zhejiang Normal University with a bachelor's degree in art and design, specializing in soft decoration design at the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts. Currently, I have been working as a full case designer at Dongyi Risheng in Hangzhou for twelve years, and I am skilled in designing extremely simple and quiet styles. I am recognized by the owners for my bold and complex design, which pursues a one-to-one landing effect, I have also participated in various design competitions, such as the China Star Design Award and the Red Cauldron Award. I have been learning painting since I was young and have a high sensitivity to color and form. During the process of landing on the construction site, I will continuously improve and actively communicate with carpenters and carpenters to present the desired effects on site. My design philosophy constantly focuses on the needs of space users, adhering to the basic principles of simplicity, elegance, and comfort.