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Sleep Museum, China
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The Sleep Museum tries to answer questions like what is good sleep, how to sleep well and how to reacquire good physical and psychological conditions. It offers the audience the wisdom of keeping harmony between man and nature, which originated from traditional Chinese culture and inspired the walk-in scene Sleep Comfortably by Streams in the Forest.


Sleep Comfortably by Streams in the Forest

1.Space reconstruction and cultural environment creation. The room in the factory, with a floor height of 24 metres, was turned into a cultural space with oriental styles. The reconstruction successfully connects the space inside and outside the painting.
2.Precise measurement. The bearing capacity was carefully measured in order to keep the audience and the car park safe.
3.Extensive space. The scene makes use of the 13.5 metres sight distance to combine the 3D scenery and 2D images.
4.Maximum usage. The space behind the scene was skillfully used as an exhibition space.

The Sleep Museum mainly includes the entrance room with the scene of Sleep Comfortably by Streams in the Forest, the hall of The Science of Sleep, the hall of The Sleep Culture and the hall of Heye the Company. These halls are designed with, including but not limited to, the ideas and principles mentioned above. Combined with elements of art and science, the museum provides knowledge of health with Eastern wisdom and Western Science through the communication between the past and the present. To expand accessibility, the walk-in scene, immersive spaces and elegantly designed panels are used to present information on healthy sleep, making the museum popular among young people. Today, the museum has been considered a must-see destination. We are glad that our attempt is successful.

Agency: Hangzhou Zhengye Inetrior Design Co., Ltd.

Zhengye Creative Agency was founded in 1988 and has been dedicated to museum exhibition design for over 30 years. We work for a wide range of clients from all over China. Our projects explore the past, present and future, looking into the history and culture of China. With over 200 projects, our work has been honoured with major awards for exhibition design: ten times the Excellence Award for Top 10 Exhibitions of the Year in China, nine times the Individual Award for Top 10 Exhibitions of the Year in China, over twenty times national awards and two times international awards in the area.
We aim to promote the development of museums in China by putting localizing international theories and seeking better public communication methods at the core. For decades, the firm has formed an academic working environment through studies of history, literature, art and technologies.
Our team is diverse and interdisciplinary. We draw together historians, writers, designers, artists, media-makers, technologists and engineers to provide professional works that integrate complex themes and ideas.
We cooperate with a number of academic institutions, such as Fudan University, China Academy of Art, Jiangnan University, Jilin University and Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. By working together, we support teaching and studies on campus, providing training and internship for students of museum studies, design and art. Moreover, we keep in touch with many design institutes in Europe and America and have established long-term partnerships with the best exhibition design companies, like the Nomura Co., Ltd., around the world.
Based on rigorous studies, we pursue mindful connections, innovations and progress.
We are committed to providing the public with cultural products of great value.