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Beginning in sisir ,Meetig in woot.
Located in the Guitang River Scenic Area of Changsha City, a whiskey bar is hidden in the corner. At the beginning of the design, we discussed with the founder of the bar to consider how to create a mysterious bar hidden in the busy city.
Regarding the design of the bar, we and Party A hope to create a retro atmosphere through the collision of modernity and classics, just like the mansion of the vampire king Aro in the movie "The Twilight Saga", which is full of warm-colored castles. .Therefore, using time as the concept, the composite business form is constructed into an immersive emotional experience, where light and darkness intertwine and blend, and the colors of red and black collide, creating a spiritual realm of desire and fantasy.
On the basis of the original building skin, the entrance elevator car was built to add some interesting interactions to the space, making the entrance more private. The exterior area is equipped with a floor-to-ceiling arch door, making the social attributes inside and outside the space more complex. Current spending habits.
Brass, vintage floors, glass bricks, textured walls, and the combination of materials and colors make the interior space full of contrasting elements: red and black, smooth and rough, perfectly balancing the combination of classic and modern elements, creating a unique space experience. Put your guests at ease.


Young, founder and chief creative director of Chosen Design, is committed to small architecture, interior design and humanistic space creation.Design concept: Adhere to the differentiated new expression in the space, and integrate humanities, business formats, etc. in the creation of delicate textures, textures, colors and techniques to give the space a calm new world.
French GPDP AWARD Design Award Professional award Catering Space Design Award, French GPDP AWARD Design Award professional award homestay architectural Design Award, Spain AMA International Architectural Design Award, Spain, Catering Space Design Award, Spain AMA International Architecture Design Award, B & B architectural Design Award.