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Sichuan Shu-Tianfu Food Four Seasons Sichuan Fragrance
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After the establishment of the Western Han Dynasty in 202 AD, Sichuan was divided into several counties. Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty set up thirteen prefectures and set up Yizhou prefectures in Sichuan. Since the successive wars of Qin and Han Dynasties were conducted outside Sichuan, Sichuan was always the rear area of Han Dynasty and the "food" place for the hungry people in Guanzhong. After thousands of years of historical evolution, the Sichuan and Shu cuisine has been promoted to the present day, known as the delicacies of the heavenly Palace and one of the famous dishes in the world. Throughout the history of the "four seasons" reincarnation "Chuan Xiang" good banquet all let the world, the world peace road rule, the people fu Kang. There is always a thought to introduce me to the Warring States period war horse neighing, and the capital house in the peace and abundance. For a city and a pool, for The great cause of the establishment of the capital, countless heroes and heroes become immortal... Seven dynasties in exchange for the land of abundance, a designer hand-painted "Courtyard Pavilion" will be its ancient capital peaceful, peaceful style painting As for this. It will take you into the vestibule with the nave. The semi-circular bar counter background, using bamboo woven through the net is the most common native vegetation in Sichuan. As if a sunrise rises slowly, take Tianfu cultural context, in the mountains, half water, half bamboo forest, half vulgar, half elegant and half red dust. With Lightness Gauze curtains form a dialogue. It achieves the resonance of space aesthetics and human soul. Project name: Four Seasons Chuan Restaurant
Project address: Longwan Sanhe Tian Garden
Construction area :1500 square meters
Design Company: Zheng Naifu Design Office
Completion time :2023.7 Photo courtesy: Zheng Naifu Design Office

Designer:Zheng Naifu

Founder of Zheng Naifu Space Design Studio Since 1997, I have been engaged in architectural decoration design (freelance designer). Since then, my works have won the award of China's Ten Most Influential Designers in International Design Expo. In early 2016, he founded (Zheng Naifu International Architectural Decoration Design Of fice). In the same year, I was invited by the School of Art of Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy to further my study. (study interior design professional) Zheng Naifu Architectural Decoration De sign office, indoor and outdoor decoration design as the leading design agency, over the years to create many large hotels and high-end private house design.