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Showroom Space of Zhejiang XIDAMEN New Material Co., Ltd
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Showroom Space of Zhejiang XIDAMEN New Material Co., Ltd 
Project Address: Fenshuiqiao, Lanting Town, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province
Total Project Cost: 5 million RMB
This case is a design project for a comprehensive soft exhibition space that aims to improve and optimize the market position of a soft exhibition brand. The project uses a unique design philosophy that focuses on user experience and integrates the brand's cultural gene of modern art and aesthetics. The designer hopes to create new forms and futures for the brand through space design, using a different approach than traditional thinking. Creativity Design Principles:
1.Functionality Requirements:
This project is a comprehensive soft exhibition space that focuses on wallpaper, curtains, window treatments, and wallboard as the main selling points. The overall design considers the scaffolding of the space to display various free-space forms. Through the aesthetic design of joy, the designer creates a new experience for users by integrating brand demand and position. The designer thinks about how to create innovative scene experiences and build a life-like scene in the space.
(1) Business Function: The designer thinks about innovative building of personalized scene experiences and experiencing feelings of awareness in the space, while bringing life-like scenes into the space to build. Therefore, in terms of functionality, aesthetic significance, and business interconnection, the designer focuses on the future competition with a more promising track.
(2) Exhibition Function: The designer combines the comprehensive exhibition space and different materials and presentation techniques to create a smooth space with different scenes. The different products are interconnected in the presentation of products, and the product display brings different personal experiences of people and space, material, and product. 2. Design Method:
In this project, the designer uses a flowing space expression method that sets reasonable human flow and motion design, making it easy for visitors to understand the overall appearance of the space.
Modular design method, the exhibition space is divided into different functional areas such as a product display area, interactive experience area, recreation area, and business area, and the motion line, lighting, and color elements are converted to create a variety of space feelings and brand values. This creates a space with a rhythm and abrupt changes.
In this design, the designer cuts out each functional section to integrate the enterprise culture and the jumping color block into the space design, allowing users to experience the experience of thinking and understanding of art and business brands in a relaxed and comfortable way.
3. Positioning Principles
(1) Function as the primary positioning: This design project focuses on the upgrade of the integrated exhibition hall, emphasizing the functional requirements of the space. Through reasonable area division and soft furnishing design, the characteristics of each area segment are realized to meet the dual consideration of brand value and user experience.
(2) Quality as the primary positioning: This project positions the space of the comprehensive exhibition hall, aiming to subtly infuse the brand products and style into every tangible aspect of the space. By serving as a window for a newly upgraded soft furnishing and interior design brand, it expands the product range and serves as an exemplar of a better lifestyle. At the same time, the space acts as a medium, giving the rights of expression to the exhibited products themselves, providing users with a model of a beautiful life. Through the medium of space, the perfect integration of products and space is achieved.

Designer: Zhiqiang Chen

He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of Hunan Normal University in 2003. He used to work at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, as Jimei Design Chief Designer, as Design Director of Hunan Construction Group Decoration Company, National Registered Senior Interior Designer, Asia-Pacific Interior Design (Senior) Designer, WAD World Young Designer, 2019 Outstanding Designer, Director of Shaoxing Interior Designers Association,Expert Member of China Building Decoration Association.