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Shenzhen Wanxiang Qianhai NIO Center
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NIO's slogan "Blue Sky Coming" matches with the vision of Qianhai district. "NIO Showroom" is expected to be the meeting and social space for urban community that include and attract more people, no matter they're NIO users or not. On this basis, it is developed to be the window for the energetic and eye-catching urban new communities to have dialogues with each other. NIO, as a pioneer, is guiding the innovative community ecology in the Greater Bay Area. Concise design elements are used with transparent visual effect. The focus of the space, in this way, is shifted from design to the people and objects from both indoor and outdoor.
The first floor is the car showroom, in which cars will be the protagonists. That's why much of the space is designed to display the cars and deliver the brand image. The large blocks present a spacious feel. Besides, the space is full of sense of high-technology with the mirror-surface stainless steel.

NIO House is not only an area to showcase the brand, but also a space to integrate technology and urban resources. More importantly, it is the co-sharing community to interact with the clients. The first floor is positioned as Gallery, and the second floor is the co-sharing space for users. This is a client-oriented multi-functional community center, where a meaningful and free lifestyle can be achieved through the connected NIO Café, Library, Forum, and Lab.
Interaction is much valued in the space. The main goal is to make the space a warm and comfortable place, so the furniture is also designed to be handy and easy to use. The Forum Zone is a multiple-functional area, where the furniture can be stacked up or moved flexibly. Based on future practical needs, this area can be adapted to organize forums, exhibitions, show stages, yoga sports activities, and so on. The Children Zone, with the theme of "Factory of Dream", uses many arc-shaped furniture mainly in the ocean blue tone, to offer the children a lighthearted space where they can have all the colorful dreams.


LSD Interior Design was founded in 2007 by Mr. Kot, a well-known Chinese interior designer. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen and has a branch in Shanghai. It provides interior design and high-end customized services for domestic and foreign developers and private customers for hotels, large-scale commercial spaces, clubs, villas, demonstration units, etc. Since its establishment for over ten years, it has been creating classic design works,continuing to lead the high-end residential aesthetics,and promoting style iterations. It won design awards at home and abroad,and has become a benchmark enterprise of interior design in China.