Shenyang pujiangyuan yujingwanphase III model house(B1 house type)
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Shenyang yujingwan phase III B1 house type model room reinterprets the light luxury style and fashion through modern and elegant design language, creating the dependence and diversified needs between people and space. Entering the room, the straight line and streamline collide with different connotations and colors in form, just like urban life under the social trend, with both rationality and sensibility.

The living room takes a large meter white as the space point, leaving a delicate and elegant atmosphere surrounded by white ceiling, ring chandelier and wood veneer wallboard. The smooth arc is imaginative, and the sequence streamline of the fireplace drives the rhythm of the whole space, showing a subtle and flexible order.
The selection of furniture is unique and full of elegant consciousness. Unnecessary stacking is eliminated. The spatial vision is open and neat. Different areas are independent and look at each other. The design of functional combination and life scene meets the daily needs of Jingshang family, and the sense of elegance permeates every corner of the space.

The integrated layout of kitchen and leisure area perfectly connects different functional blocks, effectively saves the proportion of space, and links different family members to enhance the communication and participation in each other's daily activities. Falling out of the window, the central landscape provides an open picture of nature. Life is indeed as continuous as the river.
The simple shelf can not only store the exhibition, but also serve as a side cabinet for temporary storage and collection of items. Its highly artistic shape has also become a bright place in the home. The leisure area is small, leaning against the window to look at the moon. After busy work, wrap yourself in a soft sofa and have a quiet drink, which can virtually relieve the tiredness during the day.

"In the quiet room, the furniture spreads its wings and wants to fly in the moonlight. Through an unarmed forest, I slowly walked into myself. " The master bedroom continues the overall light and luxurious tone, with a neutral color to lay out a flat and stable mood. The natural material of the wooden floor further strengthens the sense of relaxation of the space and improves people's touch and sleep experience. In addition to the ring main lamp, the soft and quiet lighting environment composed of ceiling lamp belt and point light source arrangement can set off different living atmosphere under different use situations.
The warm white system and metal lines of the symmetrical background wall exude an elegant temperament. The comfortable bedding is integrated with different materials of light window screens. The black-and-white lines of paintings and carpets enrich the density of the space. The simple lines on the facade echo each other, without flashy decoration and embellishment. The restrained decoration makes everything return to the essential needs of sleep, and gives people a sense of cleanliness, warmth and mellow as a whole.

The children's room takes "music" as the theme, and the hanging chandelier echoes inside and outside the space like a beating note. The design shows children's liveliness and vitality through soft colors. The environment with low saturation colors makes the space full of warmth and goodwill without excessive stacking and rendering, which is conducive to continuous style adjustment and change with children's growth in the future.

Designer: Rain

Ms. Ying Rui, English name is Rain, co-founder and creative director of light and shadow design and Pinyuan design, is committed to simple and creative design. He has unique views on international fashion culture and constantly breaks through the traditional aesthetic rules. His works cover the fields of interior and soft decoration design. Ensure that each work is unique and unique, and present a new development direction in the field of interior space aesthetics. The essence of design is not only to comply with the popular trend in terms of material and modeling, but also to love life, move at will, and combine the artistry of appearance with the technicality of interior, until it achieves the coexistence of beauty and practicality.