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Shenyang Hunnan District Kindergarten integrated garden
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Space is committed to creating an interactive space for children's safety, delicacy and entertainment, so that the space can communicate and interact with children's nature.
In order to reflect the characteristics of space, strict control is also made on the proportion of the overall space allocation, so as to release more space to participate in the main body of interactivity. Every detail in the space can also stimulate children's curiosity. Children will find their favorite areas in the space. Whether they are hiding to enjoy their own small space or running with their friends, they can find their own happy ways. In addition to meeting the children's nature, it also skillfully integrates the functional rooms in the park into the whole space.
Color and form more soft way to deal with, can make a good space and children's psychology quickly closer, no sense of estrangement。

Designer: Xiaodong Wang

He graduated from Northeastern University in 2005
Award winning items:
In 2004, he won the Bronze Award of Architectural Concept Design
In 2005, he won the gold medal of best Building Implementation Program of China Environmental Arts Academic Year Award
In 2008, he won the National Z-J0930131 of Shenyang Civil Air Defense Office
In 2008, he won the 2010 Liaoning Provincial Construction Engineering Decoration Award for the installation inside and outside the Shenyang Inspection and Quarantine Office Building
In 2009, he was awarded the Outstanding Young Designer of Liaoning Province
In 2010, he was awarded as a Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Designer in Liaoning Province
In 2011, he was awarded the national Young and middle-aged Outstanding Designer
In 2014, he won the Art Award for Outstanding Works
In 2014, he was awarded CIID China Outstanding Young Designer
In 2018, he won the Gold Award for Best Apartment Space
In 2018, he won the Bronze Award for Best Villa Space
In 2019, he won the Aiding Award for public Building Space category
In 2019, he won the Aiding Award in the Office Space category
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