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Shengzhou Forest Villa
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In the dynamic progression of Shengzhou in 2023, a building embodying the city's character and aesthetics stands proudly at the summit of Dao Mountain—Shengzhou Forest Villa. It takes the form of an upscale residential structure, providing Shengzhou with a new symbol of living and an ideal lifestyle.
Built in harmony with the slope, the project offers expansive views, blending seamlessly into the natural surroundings with its open and transparent low-density architecture. The minimalist modern glass structure, when viewed from a distance, appears like a cloud floating above the city. Through the glass, the intertwining of human vision with the lush greenery creates a symbiotic relationship, merging the indoor and outdoor experiences into one, where life knows no boundaries.
The facade combines large areas of glass with metal aluminum panels and coatings to create a streamlined facade with a modern and luxurious feel. The entire building surface presents a pure and glossy appearance akin to a piano mirror, providing a transparent, dynamic, and lightweight aesthetic.
The facade's color palette skillfully balances heaviness and lightness, forming a visual focal point with the intensity of high-grade gray complemented by warm white tones. The overall transition of various shades of gray subtly diminishes the building's weight, highlighting its stability and modernity.
In terms of materials, the use of metal aluminum panels embellished with coated finishes creates a visually stable feeling. Coupled with the transparency of "high transmittance low reflection" glass, the combination of metallic texture and lightweight aluminum adds smoothness and naturalness to the transition between light and heavy elements, enhancing the facade's lightness and agility.
On the facade, the larger the window-to-wall ratio, the higher the texture of the building facade and the comfort of living. Through meticulous consideration of the details and overall design, the project achieves the maximum window-to-wall ratio, increasing the number of interior openings to bring in more light and ventilation. This creates transparent and bright spaces, allowing natural light to flood the interior. The interplay of light, shadow, mountains, and the bustling city reflects a beautiful essence of life.
The presentation of Shengzhou Forest Villa not only reaffirms the aesthetics of residential products but also captivates numerous individuals with its enduring sense of quality and beauty. This timeless aesthetic experience rekindles people's enduring passion for life.


VAAS is a large design firm with a mission to achieve ultimate quality in architecture, providing clients with highly reliable and integrated professional services. At the beginning of the new millennium, the core team of the company initiated operations. With the thriving development of the Chinese real estate industry, after more than two decades of effort, the company has evolved from a small team of around ten individuals to a comprehensive design organization with a strong workforce, including 150 employees, 23 registered architects, and 12 senior engineers. In early 2022, the company successfully obtained the Class A design qualification in the field of architecture (construction engineering) and adopted a new company name: VAAS ( VAAS Architects Co., Ltd. ), marking the commencement of a new phase in the company's development.
VAAS is committed to achieving ultimate quality in architecture, offering clients highly reliable and integrated professional services. From the outset in the domestic architecture industry, the company has grounded itself in the market's fundamentals. With an international design perspective and a people-centric professional ethos, Elephant VAAS has remained focused on the principle of "creating greater value for clients through design."
The company has gathered professionals from various fields, forming a comprehensive professional system that covers urban design, architectural creation, engineering design, and management consulting. Throughout the design and construction process, the team seamlessly integrates across different disciplines, providing comprehensive design solutions for projects. With a steady and methodical development approach, the company has gradually become one of the most powerful and influential private architectural design firms in the industry.
VAAS has consistently adhered to a design philosophy characterized by originality, quality orientation, and humanistic care. The firm maintains a working approach centered around partners and, supported by a robust operational platform, seamlessly connects the three major systems of project management, design leadership, and technical responsibility. Through in-depth quality control throughout every phase of each project, the company has, over the years, grown into a provider of high-end design services with a strong and distinctive brand appeal, thanks to its dedicated focus on domain expertise and professional service.
In the continuous process of exploration and creation, VAAS consistently seeks the integration of the architectural entity with its environment. The firm emphasizes the permeation and interaction between architecture and its surroundings, aiming to evoke emotional resonance through poetic experiential spaces. Simultaneously, the company values the diversity and distinctiveness of regional cultures, using them as a starting point to trace the cultural essence of the locality. This approach allows them to achieve expressions that transcend eras and styles, realizing the architectural integrity across the dimension of time. This encapsulates the overarching direction of the company's design practice over the years.