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Shanghai Zhenwen Medical Center
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Designer: Lin Sheng-hua

Graduated from Tongji University with a major in Architecture
S.I.D Partner and Director of Design
ICDA Certified Senior Interior Architect and Senior Furnishings
Expert Member, Environmental Arts Branch, China Building Decoration Association
Before the establishment of the studio, I had accumulated a wealth of experience in graphic design and exhibition space design. Obtained a large number of commissioned design assignments for office and residential projects, and accumulated a wealth of experience in interior design and project operation.
Through systematic theoretical knowledge, combined with professional knowledge of architectural design, interior design, architectural physics and visual communication design, I strive to shape the innovation, rationality and sustainability of space design, and can provide whole-process support for project planning, design and implementation.
At present, our studio project gradually focuses on the design of medical space and private villa. In 2017,i won the title of Most Influential Designer of China Architectural Decoration Association (Registration No.: 2017YX083), and in 2019, i won the Gold Award in Golden Eagle Design Competition (Certificate No.: CBDA302020GJ029)