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Shanghai office club
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The project is located in Shanghai Exhibition Center, with the historical sites of the city as the design background, and the design respects the historical origin of the building. Therefore, in the interior part of the building, we want to create a "regenerative building" to revitalize the past heritage and have the potential to face the future. An era has come to an end, and the architectural texture of this city is also playing a game between the old and the new. The design combines modern and timeless elegance, paying special attention to the rich tactile sensation brought by each material and emphasizing sensory comfort. By customizing the curved wall, embedding exquisite metal copper bars on the ground, and orderly splicing at different levels, the original beam structure and fabric of the building are preserved to give the space a contemporary elegant and luxurious atmosphere. Space with intelligent optical design brings a rich emotional experience. The design upholds the principle of respecting historical and cultural protection. The interior is divided into two floors, each floor has a rare space and volume, and the transparent open layout runs through a complete office club experience. Make full use of the light, continue the design of building windows, and the space is blessed with details and techniques. Soft and luxurious colors mix various finishes and fabric textures, and the physical expression of the whole space is enriched. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, we pay attention to the stretch and balance of body and mind, creating a lot of exquisite and elegant spaces. The first floor and mezzanine are arranged to receive guests and clubs, which bring together office, entertainment, conference, restaurant and fitness. Each indoor space is an aesthetic and functional existence.

Designer:Ying Zou